Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Law of Procrastination

So it’s been like a week since I am thinking of writing a post on my blog…you know just to make sure that this place doesn’t die out like all my other interests…seriously...I am something like the most promising procrastinator.."no matter what I start..from where I start..I am bound to leave it halfway without completing the same until and unless an external force (read : life and death situation) is applied therein"..and also coz I had nothing to talk about..anyways coming back to the topic (which I just accidentally chose)..The Law of Procrastination.

This law of procrastination applies rather has continued to be applicable on all the things I have ever touched from the day of my arrival on this once beautiful earth..i learned to walk when I was of some 15 months (that’s late as per my mom’s standard) and spoke a proper sentence when I was nearing the age of two..though I never stopped after that..

I believe the reason I skipped my LKG and UKG was because of my adherence to this law subconsciously.. needless to say that I was always the last person to do assignments and studied the night before the exam (still do)..

Once I was left on my own I was the last to reach for the bus and so was mostly recognized as the-girl-who-makes-the-conductor-grumble-early-morning or simply the-girl-who-runs-behind-the-bus-till-school-gate.. And now when I have a little extra pocket money and literally no time on hand to spend, I just catch an auto to work and end up paying the auto wala munh maangi keemat on the face of non-working-chennai-auto-meters.. later on that..

Now when I am thinking of it I think I joined CA under the effects of the same law…I was too lazy to read all those college brochures, or attend some career counseling sessions or go through those painfully simple looking sites that I took whatever came on my way.. partially because of this and partially because now its easier to say that I was not the one who chose this for me.. Notwithstanding however absurd or stupid it may sound..

Moving on..fast forward skipping the most cruel 3 years of articleship one can imagine to undergo…present day…shucks I have an audit report to complete..and I can’t start it..not even think of starting it…simply because FIRST its all a long repetitive work and the more the work gives me the feeling of déjà vu..the more I postpone it..

SECOND no matter however lazy I may be..I have a distinct style of my own..you guessed it right, just like everyone else.. and am simply not a Ctrl+X Ctrl+Y Ctrl+V person.. (are the shortcuts correct?? I am so a right click person) so much that even if you show me an answer in the exam hall I won’t copy it..khuddari you know (and also because I don’t trust your geniuses) ..so I guess it’s going to lie there all neat, clean and untouched till my boss is back…or till we lose the client.. Whatever happens earlier..All thanks to the law of procrastination which hangs to my neck like an Albatross..

One may think how the law only applies to the field of academics.. Absolute nonsense unlike all other hyped laws this one is fully completely universal..and applies to every individual with a variance of ±5 on all life’s situation.. for example I eat my lunch only at 4 and sleep till 12..a.m /p.m doesn’t matter..and am not just talking about Sundays.. don’t ask me how.. and I am always the last person to reach a gathering… the more important it is the more late I will be.. People often show me a face for it while I shamelessly recite the song “Main der karta nahi der ho jaati hai” (ironically from the film Heena)..

You see my friends, unlike those lucky believers of astrology, I have only the law to blame.. and this was a small account on how the Law of Procrastination governs one’s life..For more such nonsense by-heart my blog address..

**Breaking News : Sources has revealed that deeper researches suggest that those 2% people who clear their CA in one go may be considered exempt from any said effects of this law..you see its not for the hardworkers..it’s for the smart ones.. someone who dare to manage a lifetime’s work in a few hours ..often in seconds..if its dressing up for a movie..

Friday, July 2, 2010

Gender Holocaust

Dear Daughter,

I don’t know if you are ever going to find this
letter or if you find this, whether you will be able to read it and with all my
heart I wish you will be able to read this. But by God’s mercy, and I want you
to know that He is very merciful, if you ever find this letter please know that
I love you and will love you the same forever.

My lovely daughter,
you look so beautiful. You must have got this from your father’s side. They all
are so beautiful and so rich, but sadly so ungrateful. I love you my princess,
and I want you to learn to be grateful the way I am today, thanking the Almighty
for the most precious gift I have ever received as I hold you in my arms.

In your walk of life, I want you to be independent too. The world is
undoubtedly beautiful, but evil exists everywhere, like air. If you don’t stand
up for yourself, you will probably end up standing where I m today - helpless
and weak.

Something… something in you tells me that you are a
special child of God, and that you will have enough strength and wisdom to
protect yourself and hold your happiness near. Wish I could hold you the same
way, forever.

Though at times, we have to learn to let go. It’s the
hardest part, at times inevitable. But the day you will learn it, you will be
able to face and accept the strange ways of life and the mysterious paths of
destiny. This will help you to grow up into a strong child. I am going to count
days till then, and I for one, will be very proud of you that day whether I
could get this to you or not.

My daughter, you are my world and I
wish you all the luck in life. Remember, the water constantly struggles before
it cuts deep great mountains. This world we witness today is a result of
constant struggle. Everything around us does its job fighting all odds and
exists together to make this world complete. But ultimately it is the survival
of the fittest.

Always, my dear, give in your best, push your limits
to know what your limits really are. But above all, identify at least one soul,
apart from you, to share the benefit of what you did. For me, I know it’s you.
You will be happy and agree with whatever I did, the day you read this letter.

When you read, appreciate the knowledge more than the learning. Here
in your real home, education is an identity. Everyone is highly educated, but I
wish I could say the same for their knowledge. Please, my princess, if you get a
chance, I want you to seek knowledge before you earn degrees.

If all
here would have done that, they would have loved you and adored you the same way
as I do. They would have wanted to keep you badly, as I do. They want you now
also, but I cannot let them have you. God has sent you down with a fate already
written and I am not letting them destroy this beautiful plan of God.

I can live my dear, with your image in my mind, knowing that you are
safe far away, than cry over your grave in the backyard of this magnificent

You are a girl, a beautiful and charming girl, and that’s a
blessing my princess. That’s no crime. I cannot let them punish you for
something you never did. I am letting you go today, only to let you grow
tomorrow into an amazing woman of name and spirit.

With all the love
and helplessness in the world, I seek your forgiveness for not being there with
you at your every step. If I come along, they will find us both, but alone you
can live. I promise my prayers will always follow your paths.

and Prayers,
A Mother.

With tears rolling down her cheeks, she held her baby tight for one last time. Then as in a flash of lightening, she remembered the brutal decision of her in-laws on her daughter’s birth. She carefully separated the tiny breathing soul from herself, folded the letter and with blurred vision placed it in the folds of her baby’s clothes.

She wiped her tears to get one last clear view of her own torn away part. She kissed her on her forehead and said a small prayer, in the dim lights of the dawn. A cool breeze hit her face and as nature agreed with her, she softly said ‘Amen’ and turned away only to never return back. Her baby, unaware of her fate, was still asleep in the comfort of her warm clothes at the doorsteps of the House of God.

The story may be a figment of imagination but is picked up from a real mother’s life’s tragedy. May be from one among the many mothers, who could not see their baby being killed before their eyes. Other 5,00,000 opt for selective abortion, thanks to our advancement in science and regression in humanity. Some even manage to gather enough guts to kill their own child by feeding them dry unshelled rice to puncture their windpipes or some poisonous fertilizer and salt to increase their blood pressure, or simply stuff them in clay pots or hang them by waist and shake them to break their spinal cord. All this on the land where killing girls is no big sin!

Deliberately I am skipping census statistics here. The very disturbing ways and unreasonable grounds for killing a girl child should be enough to highlight the cruelty. And this is no new concept but an age old practice which continued to grow with and within civilizations. People are so afraid to afford a girl child that one should not be surprised at catchlines like “spend 600 rupees now and save 50,000 rupees later” of many mushrooming ultrasound scanning centers.

There was a time when a girl was crowned for her famous answer that ”The origin of a child is a mother, and is a woman; and a woman is one who shares love; and shows a man what love, caring and sharing is all about.” I don’t think that was long ago. But I do know that it’s a wonderful theory which is believed by everyone and cared by none. We, as human, are on the verge of killing our own race. And killing girl child is the surest and fastest one.

Related Quranic verse :
With shame does he hide himself from his people, because of the bad news he had! On sufferance and) contempt, or bury it in dust? Ah! what an evil (choice) they decide on? (Quran 16:59)

Monday, May 10, 2010

The start of 20th Paragraph..

My God! It has been more than two months since I wrote a post here...So many things happened around..like the WRB, the Hockey team (Yes! I was excited about it), the Modi-Tharoor Controversy, the Cheerleaders and the usual extreme up and downs of my life…still I was unable to gather my thoughts at one place to give them shape of a post.

Now when I look at my watch its around 3 in the morning…it’s one of those nights I stayed awake until the wee hours of morning during the so called study holidays…seriously, whoever invented the idea of these study holidays must have been an introvert or an antisocial, anti-fun person or just plain weak in vocabulary…afterall what do holidays have to do with studies??? Holidays by nature are ex-studies..(God! My accounts taking over my vocab now) then how can you term this boring period of excessive pressure as holidays?? Kher, Whatever, many things in this world are better left untouched.

So, its clear that am supposed to be studying now but obviously am bored to death and so I thought I shall grace my blog by my presence, well post-dated presence :D :D..this post is supposed to mark the successful completion of my 20th trip around the sun…Yes! My Friends, I finally leave my teenage to enter into this scary age of what they call, responsibility..not that responsibility leaves you at any stage of life..but I have always seen the end of teens as the beginning of responsibility’s lecture by anyone and everyone who is free for the day..

heee..heee...heee... :D :D 

At times it makes me wonder if we are ever allowed to do something new? I totally agree with importance of age and experience, but creativity has to come from something new, something free..The youths must be allowed to imagine, dream, invent and explore..until and unless we step out from the past, we really can’t design the future..and creativity is like water…if you let it flow, it will go on enriching the surroundings until it reaches its goal..but if you keep it stagnant..it will attract flies and mosquitoes..The choice is always yours!

Filhaal, the choice is definitely not mine, today is supposed to be my birthday and I am writing exam at this time (Only if I am not dead by today!)..Imagine writing exam on your birthday :( :( that also of Costing.. God! did you choose this day out of purpose :( :( .. or is it ICAI..it always keeps on searching ways to make students’ life hell..like withdrawing transfer rules for article assistants… it’s a total slavery you deaf ICAI. ..SLAVERY!

Anyways I should get back to studies…morning is soon to be here..and it’s only in nights that I can study..(I know what you are thinking! But I still eat veggies and no blood :P)..days are meant to sleep..they anyways are full of distraction and people :/...Anyways friends take care…may be one day I ll be able to get back to proper blogging (that reminds me that i am supposed to change the name of this blog..only if i ll get time..Sigh!) and minimum rambling :P till then, Allah hafiz :)

P.S. If you have forgotten to shop for my B'day Gift! You still have time..rush to your nearest gift store until stock lasts :D :D

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

You can run and hide..but life wont leave you alone

Recently I happened to watch a Tamil movie, of course complete with English subtitle, called Anbesivam. It had this wonderful line among all other super dialogues in it

“You can run and hide..but life wont leave you alone”.

And now more I think of the dialogue more I fall in love with its realistic-ness (is that a word??), practicality and relevance. Life goes on, it just never ends. Time keeps doing thing at its pace, the only thing we need to do is to follow it at the same pace. If we are able to do so, we are living a satisfied life, if we are fast, an excited one and if slow, well, that’s the time where this quote helps to uplift your spirit.

The best thing about bad times is that it gives you time. Actually the second best thing. It will burden you with endless, directionless, absurd and abstract thoughts and render you totally jobless. Now being jobless may seem like a dream come true in this fast moving world, but being busy with your thoughts, alone, is horrible. It’s like having nightmare chase you even in the broad daylight. You will want to run, may be hide or in the worst of cases, end it all in one shot. Or at the second thought you can wait!

Accepting life might pose a big hurdle. A broken spirit, shattered expectations, clueless paths and what all not, in midst of such disaster finding a light which promises shine is one big challenge in itself. And then at times you even don’t have enough time to wait and things seem like an ever increasing pile of problems. No matter if the start of this unfortunate part of life was big or small, our attitude and confusion only make it worse and we tend to hate the upcoming moment before it can surprise us with something wonderful.

This is the time when you need to start taking things slow. Leaving one thought after another, slowly. It will take time for sure. A great deal of it. But eventually, one will discover that it’s possible. And as one of the really talented blogger writes May be waiting isn’t all in your plans , but at some point in the journey called life, you might want a mind set to give up what you have planned to accept Life Believe me Life really never leaves you alone, even in the worst of scenario. If all walk out, your life will still be there with you. So why leaving such a good friend? Every other second of life is an unopened gift box, it’s in our hand whether we care to open it with a smile.

And yeah, the first best thing about bad times is that it never stays for long. So who knows, the wait might last only for a little while.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Why-O-Why Dear Lions!

There was a sign at Anna Zoological Park on some Chimp's prison...

Imagine Yourself at their place.
..followed by a pic of a man inside that cage and animals teasing him from outside. Well we happened to be in a similar situation...not in the prison...but in a bus well protected by net made of wires..when we went out for Lion Safari in the same Zoological Park.

Now everyone knows how kids are excited to see animals...(fine i get it that i am 19, but i ll always be a kid at heart)..they scream, they make noises...they point fingers...and they try to talk in animal's lingo also...

And guess what happened when we were in the bus..AND THE LIONS OUT..ALL FIVE OR SIX OF THEM..MOVING AROUND...


well...they were just NOT INTERESTED in us ..huh!

They didn't roar, not even a squeal... people on the bus cried theirs lung out...screaming at them and roaring at them as if teaching a baby how to speak..and the lions...they got up and moved to a different place..some lazy ones just looked up to us and then back to the ground.

Why-o-why Dear Lions have to break Little Gul's heart :( Insaan to insaan ab to jaanwar bhi unreliable rehgaye...dil k armaan aansuo.n me beh gaye. :(

Ye aankhen utha k zara dekh to lete :(

The white tiger though was a little upset from me...and roared while walking here and there...and little me loved it.. :)


1. It's supposed to be my 50th post and i dedicate it to Lions, Animals, Lovely and Amazing ME to our National Animal...the TIGER..(i know white tiger is not the one..but hey it might be our Tiger's brother and also he roared at me :D lols. ) because like our National Game, which i so loved watching :( our National Animal too need us...with only 1411 left of them.

2. I know I am sounding insane...i a m a l i t t l e t o r n a p a r t...ll be back with some better stuff when iamalltogether.. [ yup! this is abridged from somewhere i don't care to remember ;) ].


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Shattered Expectations

I come down to my knees
to please you..
to worship you..

But like all worldly Gods..
you turn gray
and run away.

Not realizing my
bleeding heart lays
beneath your feet..

You walk away crushing
the last hope
i hold to breathe

I don't know why
i fall so low
coming near your toe

What i want is small
i want you to hold me
and break this fall

Am i asking for
something big
you dont wish to give?

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Say it again

Say it again, Oh Baby! Say it again

Let me be clear, Let me hear it again
Let me see my world fall apart
Oh Baby! Let me witness my part

I tell you I am not strong
But I know, I have to take this along
I know the words you will convey
Oh Baby, but if you should, then you may

Don't hide it, don't fake it anymore
Go if you want to, just say it once more
Don't worry if it will hurt, if it will pain
You see Dear! It's about love and loss, not gain

So, Say it again, Oh Baby! Say it again
Let me be clear, Let me hear it again

It's not easy, to see this fall
But it's harder, to carry this all
So It's better, you kill me right here
Oh baby, Don't bother about every year

When I look down in your eyes, today
I see no place, nowhere for me to stay
I knew you would leave me, somehow
It's a bit early Dear, But if it is, let it be now

So, Say it again, Oh Baby! Say it again
Let me be clear, Let me hear it again

And while you walk down the other way
For one last time, let me ask you this straight
You remember, the other day when you came
Was it only to leave me, all over again?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Thinking over things...lately!

World is full of so many surprises…they make you laugh...they make you cry..But ultimately they add up in your experiences and make you a mature person...No matter which road you take...What choices you make...You will always achieve what’s already written on your fate…and no one else can realize this better than me… (by the way did u realize that those four lines actually rhymed) I think I am the Queen in the game of fate..have seen it change so closely and so dramatically that I am sure my life could be easily made in a chart bursting movie…I want Vishal Bhardwaj to do the music please :D :P

Why I am back to blabbering again? Well there are loads of reason to it...First of all I am too busy to think...So am back at what I am best at...Speaking without thinking...And that doesn’t mean speaking senseless stuff..But speaking what mind and heart thinks and the first instance...The pure and innocent thought...I love spontaneity...that’s so me :) …Second reason there are too many things happening at the same time..They make me think…yes I am capable of doing so x-(...Thirdly...My blog badly needs a new post...eeks! its getting dusty here…So here I am.

First of all A very happy B’day to my little, mighty, thinny, sweetu, intello Bro..

(he is the one in the rusty red shirt)
Live long and thoda gussa kam kariyo iss saal..pata hai kya..you became an adult..:D :D lolz…you are 18..still 2 young 4 me to believe..

Second and probably the most important thing I am going to speak about is about the people who think they are the BOSS! I so wanted to write about it from long but then was too afraid to do that…I am still confused whether I am brave enough...but I just want to write and get it done...I know Dhir is gonna like this..

Some people who think they have a little power in their hands think others’ life belongs to them. Life tak ki baat hoti tab bhi shayad I would have not been this angry and frustrated...but then you want someone to surrender their dignity before you…what you think you are...that’s just not acceptable...You have to understand that if you are surviving its only because someone else is putting his/her heart and soul in your work...You can step on their heads and climb to the highest possible peaks….but don’t torture them to an extent that they remove their head underneath your feet...and you come down tumbling and falling upside-down..Remember world is round and what you give comes back to you..

Worst is that all those who call themselves professionals and are practicing so called “professionalism” have not even a hint of the meaning of the word….you may have education..but you are an empty head sans knowledge…you may have tailored suits but no conscience inside to wear..you are a father to 18 years old girl and you make your employee’s life miserable..what kind of human you are…stray dogs have standard before you…wish I could stand before you and speak to you..but maybe I am just too afraid of your character to have the courage ..but certainly you have proved that it’s a man’s world…and being a woman is a challenge….i am lucky not to have encountered such a situation..but I pity those whom you have eyed…you are all the symbols known to the people of Roadies, Splitsvilla, Emotional Atyachaar etc….

Deep breath..!!

That’s one thing which was troubling me from many days..more I think more it troubles..if it could happen to your friend/colleague/ neighbor, imagine how close it was to happen to you…get Goosebumps whenever think of it…

Anyways, the main purpose of this post is to tell that I might not be blogging for the coming 3 months..I have exams in May and have literally got the one and only chance to give my best…have absolutely no reason to give to my temptations this time…Just pray friends that I am able to make it..Rest I know Allah is all kind to make happen what should suppose to be happening in my best of best interest :)

And yeah! Forgot to tell lately I have been all smiles..thats after I got hospitalized for one week..sick viral fever..I am underweight….though weigh more than Kareena..but underweight…anyways happiness has got nothing to do with my hospitalization..that was just an update…I am happy because some sweet people are making it so for me :)…lately I have started getting those chubby cheeks back..lets see if its because of that magical curve which sets things right :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

IT Dept says : It’s OK to forget your Father’s name

Office is fun. You gotta admit that. We are some sort of Chartered Accountants and because our government is trying hard to be widely branded as tech savvy or at least catch-up with the bird called Internet (of which they have absolutely no idea!), they require us to file some qualifying asessees' returns online. And for all this info (which just passed over your head) we require the EXACT name written on the PAN Application form (submitted ages ago) and because all our client hate keeping records, we end up calling the Income Tax Department every time.

IT Dept. is one step ahead of us. They will only speak to the Asessee (as if all rich people are literate and they will understand this long process and agree to talk to IT Dept!) and not to the agents or any associates.

We are the sandwiched species. If we can’t get the EXACT name submitted ages ago, boss will kill us, and IT dept. will no ways give us the name for they are partners in our tortures :(. We the enlightened (not to forget sandwiched) species devised a new way in all this tension, for necessity is the mother of innovation.

We made one of our colleague to speak to those extra cautious IT People as a 58 year old un-concerned Client named Abubacker...What happened after that is the history you ought to know:

Colleague: Hello Sir, I want My PAN Details as submitted in the beginning to file my returns online.

IT Dept.: Your name Sir

Colleague: (In his young 20 year old voice, calling the 58 year old guy's name) Abubacker.

IT Dept.: (On checking records and discovering an astonishing fact) You are 58 year old Sir?

Colleague: Yes Sir! (Making his voice a little coarse) Now may I have my PAN Details?

IT Dept.: One Minute Sir.(Confused) May I know your father’s name?

Colleague is now stunned, looking at everyone and suddenly realizing he doesn’t know his (Or Abubacker’s) father’s name..He motions to others and all are searching for the file for good 20 minutes)

Colleague: (To break the silence on the phone) One second sir..just a minute..

And then a sigh of relief...We got the file and the exact paper which has Abubacker’s name.

Colleague: (Struggling to read the name) its..Aa - Aa - M - I - R..Its “Aamir” sir.

And the conversation goes on for another fifteen minutes for which colleague ends up flipping every single paper in the file. But somehow the Chartered Accountancy student succeeds in making a fool of that paid Sherlock Holmes of IT Dept. and get the exact PAN Details (even when he forgets his father's name).

Moral of the story: It’s OK to forget your Father’s name. :D

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Watchout for JaimyLiz

All the world is writing and as if it was not enough the new saviour-of-the-world, pronunciation-expert, that’s-out-of-fashion-commenter, miss. Perfectionist has decided to give me a run for my followers. The girl-just-so-not-next-door and perhaps the perfect living human being (or how she likes to call her as) has gifted the blogging world her gracious presence. Beware people. Jaimy is blogging @ JaimyLiz.

She is a dear friend and perhaps the bestest of bestest critics. Honest to the core (so much that at times u just hope she lies). A great friend in need and when you don’t need. Guidance you ask and a new world of opportunity she shows. A creative mind directed by and dedicated to God. At times she is too emotional and at the other hand she is just so brave. We were just mirror to each other until I got matured and she chose to remain the same :P.

One thing I can assure you is that if u chose to follow her blog you ll be shaken or rather challenged at your beliefs, your style quotient, your sense of humour and everything which she chose to write about. She is one right person in one wrong profession. Chartered Accountancy needs her brain but Law is where she could have used her real talent- debating. Her thoughts are simple and very straight forward- this is so and so it is. Simple and Final.

There is a lot ot know about her but this is no testimonial just a simple introduction. But still why am I writing thesis on her is only coz I love her and am sure you will like her too (and also because she wrote about me so I had to return the favour :P ) Don’t forget to check out her blog.

P.S. Jaims I wrote what you wanted me to write…ab to I can wear mera jhinga lala wala dress..pls :(

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Letting You Go


I am lost, figuring unknown path
I am bleeding, inside my heart
I am quite, wanting to cry
I am alone, attempting to die

I have to let this go
To live, to smile, to breathe
I have to let you go
To cry, to lighten, to be free

I loved, as if love is immortal
I smiled, as if happiness lasts longer
I believed, as if promises never break
I trusted, as if worlds all saint

But now,
I have to let this go
To live, to smile, to breathe
I have to let you go
To cry, to lighten, to be free

I have seen, tears flooding my way
I have felt, moments decay
I have experienced, love betraying
I have witnessed, commitment dying

And so,
I have to let this go
To live, to smile, to breathe
I have to let you go
To cry, to lighten, to be free

P.S. Last modified on my PC on 10.25.2009 @ 5:41 pm

Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Journey, A Blessing - Hijab


This is the time (belated) for my favorite topic and newest passion – My hijab. This is not the only thing which I love, possess, or respect but it’s the thing which gives me freedom, sets me carefree, and make me more confident.

These were my words when I wrote the most commented post of my blog Celebrating Six months of Hijab, Alhamdulillah :) It felt great. I could feel the bliss, the pleasure of knowing you are the one chosen to be under hidayah. It was great and so it is today also; I have completed my FULL ONE YEAR OF HIJAB…successfully..Alhamdulillah…

Don’t take me wrong when I say successfully, it’s not said referring any race or any challenge. I feel successful coz I was able to get away with the temptation of being unhijabified every time given how conscious I am about presentations. It was pretty hard to tolerate people making nasty comments on how hijab degraded my looks. Eeks!

I still remember the day I decided to live with hijab, it was sudden, purely unbelievable, I think that’s what you call inspiration. It comes so that you may never know when it has already taken you into its grip. It was amazing and so it is today. It feels so special that it can hardly be expressed in words.

Though the moment was amazing, others dint forget to make hijab a big issue, bigger than Obama winning the peace prize with equally shocked looks on their faces! Is a piece of cloth so disturbing to you people? Can I ask you (these types of people) to simply go and dig a life out for yourselves?

Kher, an eventful journey it was. There was good and bad and some people tried branding it ugly as well, but it was the greatest gift for me from God. In a book called Fundamental of Islam I read Knowledge is the greatest of gifts God has bestowed to humans and I can only go on agreeing more and more with the statement. Hijab has been a source of knowledge, a source to know a lot of thing for me. I can only pray that it continues to be.

So, come join the celebration with me :)