Tuesday, March 16, 2010

You can run and hide..but life wont leave you alone

Recently I happened to watch a Tamil movie, of course complete with English subtitle, called Anbesivam. It had this wonderful line among all other super dialogues in it

“You can run and hide..but life wont leave you alone”.

And now more I think of the dialogue more I fall in love with its realistic-ness (is that a word??), practicality and relevance. Life goes on, it just never ends. Time keeps doing thing at its pace, the only thing we need to do is to follow it at the same pace. If we are able to do so, we are living a satisfied life, if we are fast, an excited one and if slow, well, that’s the time where this quote helps to uplift your spirit.

The best thing about bad times is that it gives you time. Actually the second best thing. It will burden you with endless, directionless, absurd and abstract thoughts and render you totally jobless. Now being jobless may seem like a dream come true in this fast moving world, but being busy with your thoughts, alone, is horrible. It’s like having nightmare chase you even in the broad daylight. You will want to run, may be hide or in the worst of cases, end it all in one shot. Or at the second thought you can wait!

Accepting life might pose a big hurdle. A broken spirit, shattered expectations, clueless paths and what all not, in midst of such disaster finding a light which promises shine is one big challenge in itself. And then at times you even don’t have enough time to wait and things seem like an ever increasing pile of problems. No matter if the start of this unfortunate part of life was big or small, our attitude and confusion only make it worse and we tend to hate the upcoming moment before it can surprise us with something wonderful.

This is the time when you need to start taking things slow. Leaving one thought after another, slowly. It will take time for sure. A great deal of it. But eventually, one will discover that it’s possible. And as one of the really talented blogger writes May be waiting isn’t all in your plans , but at some point in the journey called life, you might want a mind set to give up what you have planned to accept Life Believe me Life really never leaves you alone, even in the worst of scenario. If all walk out, your life will still be there with you. So why leaving such a good friend? Every other second of life is an unopened gift box, it’s in our hand whether we care to open it with a smile.

And yeah, the first best thing about bad times is that it never stays for long. So who knows, the wait might last only for a little while.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Why-O-Why Dear Lions!

There was a sign at Anna Zoological Park on some Chimp's prison...

Imagine Yourself at their place.
..followed by a pic of a man inside that cage and animals teasing him from outside. Well we happened to be in a similar situation...not in the prison...but in a bus well protected by net made of wires..when we went out for Lion Safari in the same Zoological Park.

Now everyone knows how kids are excited to see animals...(fine i get it that i am 19, but i ll always be a kid at heart)..they scream, they make noises...they point fingers...and they try to talk in animal's lingo also...

And guess what happened when we were in the bus..AND THE LIONS OUT..ALL FIVE OR SIX OF THEM..MOVING AROUND...


well...they were just NOT INTERESTED in us ..huh!

They didn't roar, not even a squeal... people on the bus cried theirs lung out...screaming at them and roaring at them as if teaching a baby how to speak..and the lions...they got up and moved to a different place..some lazy ones just looked up to us and then back to the ground.

Why-o-why Dear Lions have to break Little Gul's heart :( Insaan to insaan ab to jaanwar bhi unreliable rehgaye...dil k armaan aansuo.n me beh gaye. :(

Ye aankhen utha k zara dekh to lete :(

The white tiger though was a little upset from me...and roared while walking here and there...and little me loved it.. :)


1. It's supposed to be my 50th post and i dedicate it to Lions, Animals, Lovely and Amazing ME to our National Animal...the TIGER..(i know white tiger is not the one..but hey it might be our Tiger's brother and also he roared at me :D lols. ) because like our National Game, which i so loved watching :( our National Animal too need us...with only 1411 left of them.

2. I know I am sounding insane...i a m a l i t t l e t o r n a p a r t...ll be back with some better stuff when iamalltogether.. [ yup! this is abridged from somewhere i don't care to remember ;) ].


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Shattered Expectations

I come down to my knees
to please you..
to worship you..

But like all worldly Gods..
you turn gray
and run away.

Not realizing my
bleeding heart lays
beneath your feet..

You walk away crushing
the last hope
i hold to breathe

I don't know why
i fall so low
coming near your toe

What i want is small
i want you to hold me
and break this fall

Am i asking for
something big
you dont wish to give?