About Me

Pre -Script : The text below is a work of pure fiction of an idle mind of the boy named Saim, along with my pathetic editing skill. Enjoy! 

"The waves beside her danced, But she outdid the sparkling waves in glee"

 Sprinkling laughter and joy around, Heena Kausher Ansari, is a free spirited soul aiming to put a smile on this world's face. A self styled people's person, Heena, is a firm believer of the old adage that talking resolves any issue.

An avid blogger, Miss. Ansari, has a penchant of talking about serious issues, casually putting across her point using humor and subtlety. Equally at home with drawn out prose as with precise poetry, she has a special affinity and curious bent of mind towards learning and trying out new, different formats of poetry. Inspired hugely by her father, she started scribbling her mind on paper at the very age of 7 and still refuses to keep the pen down. Meet her at heena-ansari.blogspot.com.

A B.Com graduate, Heena, is currently working in a C.A. firm and is simultaneously studying for her own exams, all this while enjoying her life at 21. Right now put up in Chennai, she has graced the length and breadth of India and more, as she has also had a stint in the Andaman islands. 

An insane romantic, she has a perennial crush on the rains and lusts for anything chocolate. A music aficionado in love with ghazals and old Bollywood classics, has a special place in heart for Urdu poetry especially Ghalib and Faraz.