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Tricky Life



Eid-ul-Azha Mubaaraq

Belated Mubaaraqbaad of Eid-ul-Azha....May Allah Subhanotaa'la showers His blessings on all of you and your's family ...Hope the divine message of this auspicious day reaches to each and every heart..and we learn to understand and practice the very basic traits of human nature.. love and sacrifice..

EID-ul-Azha brings for the Muslims divine blessing, an occasion to not only enjoy but also to receive Allah's Mercy and reward through sacrifice and benevolence, patience and constancy.

Eid-ul-Azha is celebrated on the tenth of Dhul-Hijja through sacrifices and prayers in memory of the sacrifice of the Prophets Ibrahim Khalilullah and Ismail Zabihullah (peace be upon them). It does not simply commemorate the unique sacrifice made by them, it also testifies eloquently to the way in which both father and son cheerfully offered to suffer any self-sacrifice, however painful or difficult it might be, in order to obey the command of Allah, the Cherisher and Sustainer of the Worlds.

The glorious attempt of Hazrat Ibrahim to slaughter his son Hazrat Ismail (peace be upon them) as a sacrifice in obedience to God's Command, stands unique in the annals of history. Never, never indeed, has any other father tried unhesitatingly to slaughter his own son with his own hands, and in full senses, simply to obey the Master's Command. Never in history has any other son submitted himself whole-heartedly to his father to be sacrificed only to appease God.

This incident in the valley of Mina put an end to the horrible system of human sacrifice, which was common among most ancient people. Prophet Ibrahim's (pbuh) seeing in a vision that he, too, was sacrificing his son, his preparation to fulfill it literally, and the Divine Commandment to sacrifice an animal in his stead, indeed marked the abolition of the savage custom of human sacrifice.

Hundreds and thousands of sheep, cows, goats and camels are sacrificed in the name of Allah on this auspicious day. Unfortunately, however, very few of us celebrate this auspicious occasion in a befitting way, in the true spirit of Islam. Very few realise that Rabbul Alameen does not need the flesh and blood of the animals. What he asks for is the taqwa (which has been mentioned 211 times in the Holy Quran) and not lives in a physical sense. Sura al-Hajj declares very clearly: "It is not their meat nor their blood that reaches God: it is your piety that reaches Him. He has thus made them subject to you, that ye may glorify God for His guidance to you. And proclaim the good news to all who do right."

Eid-ul-Azha is the system of denying ourselves the greater part of the food derived from the sacrificed cattle for the sake of our poor brethren; our symbolic act finds practical expression in benevolence and in fraternity and fellow-feeling, in sacrifice and solicitude for the indigents and have-nots. That exactly is the sublime message conveyed by Eid-ul-Azha.

- An excerpt from the Article "The message of Eid-ul-Azha" by "Syed Ashraf Ali" who is a former Director General, Islamic Foundation, published here.

Off the topic : have you ever fallen ill during festivals...specially when you are allowed to take leave from office only twice a year in the name of festivals...well no points for guessing that it happened to me...sometimes i can bet that when everything is just perfect and nothing can go wrong, in my case, it has to be full on illusion..i slept the whole day and ate medicines..yukk!!

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Something really Unnecessary

Its really unnecessary whatever i am going to write now..but if you read..i might like it...

I am going through a pretty hard phase of my life..which is quite clear from my previous posts..I just pray to Allah that He gives me the strength and power to stand this ordeal..and i start facing myself again..yes its not something i am fighting to the outside world..its something within i am struggling to get over...and i hope sincerely for it to get over.. I cant see people around me trying hard to make me feel good..their trying make me makes me feel as i am still being selfish by not answering their persuasion to be happy....I really want to...

But a battle with your own heart is the most difficult battle to know your enemy so well that you often forget by which side and for whom you you are play from both sides...and so you lose half the battle even if somehow you manage to win the other half..the victory will not be satisfying because a part of you will fail...Your failure is so pre-written...nothing cant cant cant bow and you have to stand the whole matter whatever it takes..

I am fighting one..

But God has been kuch zyada hi merciful and in such a horrible time too he has blessed me with two very rare species of homo sapeins to stand by me..the only two people who are there with me in all situations...My two best friends..My mom and my only true friend....don't know whether i should write the name also....They listen, they advice and at times they shout and pretend they have left me...but then they come back..knowing i am too weak to stand....they are my strength...where else will i find people like this...

In all this i am trying to do away with some small petty things...first is the blog template..its too complicated..and i want my life too look a bit simple even if it just the blog...enough of mess is already there which i am not able to more mess on blog..

I am trying to give a new name to the blog..The old one is good...but may be ..i think it should find a way in the above list....i have thought of "THE 19th PARAGRAPH" with the caption" ..of my life.. Fact, Fiction, & Everything in Between"..

there are two reason to chose this name...first i am 19 so the para thing (Yes! its going to be changed every year at my b'day)...

second..i deleted the other blog so all the mess which i intend to create on blogger will find a place only under this present url....and so the caption is not only suitable its classy too :)

If you have better ideas please let me know :)

I don't know what is going to happen next..coz life's train has suddenly taken a hilly route and i am afraid...hope the changes will help me survive...and yes the blog is not the only thing i am trying to change...Its mainly ME whom i am trying to change...

I need to grow up..and i think what they say that knowledge comes with experience is somehow right..I think this is how i am going to learn..the painful way...but atleast an enriching route to light...

Saturday, November 21, 2009

I feel you around me, like air

The bubbling water washing my feet
The setting sun reddening peek
And the breeze lifting my hair
I feel you around me, like air

The deafening silence of solitude
The growing night bluing mood
The chilling wind touching my body bare
I feel you around me, like air

I feel you when I breathe,
When I walk, when I sleep
I feel you when I am alone
When in a group, when I am home

I feel you when I am down
When I am happy, when I frown
I feel you living in my soul,
In my heart, somewhere very close

The words won’t let you know
Neither the tears which mourn
On how much I miss you
On how much I love you

But believe me I swear, always
I feel you around me, like air

** Little does a person knows when his words become so hurting..

Friday, November 20, 2009

The situation

You know of the situations....when you look up at things...and they are messed up....fully, completely, totally..

and the reason they are so is somehow you...your selfishness..your whims...your needs... your attitude... your wrong decision... your meanness... your childishness... your inconsistencies...

and you know of people whom you have hurt like anything....when you actually never meant to do that..when your nafs controlled you...rather you controlling your nafs...and when you are sorry to the mortals as much as you are sorry to your God....

when you wanna go back in the time..and rub the whole past....the past being long enough to result in such a big mess...when you know nothing NOTHING in the world shall make things right....

when the things you have been hiding..the things which prove how weak and selfish you have been...those things which bear a proof of your wrong doings...those things which shout so loud that you shut your eyes rather than your ears in order to ignore them....the things which bear enough evidence that you no longer deserve to be human...because you have never acted like one before....

when you are sorry...but you know that that its the smallest thing you can do..that your sorry is of no use to anyone..when you wanna go and die..but you know you are weak again...when you wanna hide..but you know you cant run from realities...when everything is crystal clear...but you dont want them so..

when you are sorry..and you cant say or convey so....when you know this is what you ever deserved in exchange of your doings....but still somehow..somehow you want the things to be right..perfect again..

but this time not for your selfishness or your good..but you want them too be good for those people whom you have hurt..and who have suffered because of you..knowingly or unknowingly...when you are ready to compromise everything to see them happy..

And yet you don't find a way...

Have you ever been in such a situation??? Or is it just me??