Saturday, November 21, 2009

I feel you around me, like air

The bubbling water washing my feet
The setting sun reddening peek
And the breeze lifting my hair
I feel you around me, like air

The deafening silence of solitude
The growing night bluing mood
The chilling wind touching my body bare
I feel you around me, like air

I feel you when I breathe,
When I walk, when I sleep
I feel you when I am alone
When in a group, when I am home

I feel you when I am down
When I am happy, when I frown
I feel you living in my soul,
In my heart, somewhere very close

The words won’t let you know
Neither the tears which mourn
On how much I miss you
On how much I love you

But believe me I swear, always
I feel you around me, like air

** Little does a person knows when his words become so hurting..


Anonymous said...

Wowie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are back!!!!! I am so so so so happy !!!!

I just love this poem sooooo much!!

Felt like reading what's in my mind right now!!!

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

Walaykum assalam

Beautiful gulguli.... i am feeling the same for some1 rite now... :))
welcome bak dearie :)

Anonymous said...

@ nuchu..

yay nuchu..and i am not going back..inshaallah
I think God really is working the same trick on bot of us at the same time :)

@Jalpari aapi

yup aapi..i know ;)
thanks for welcoming...
i am so happy that you are in love again...the beautiful feeling ..Ahh! :)