Friday, June 26, 2009

Liberating from Right to Personal Choice : Niqab

Pre-Script : The opinion mentioned below are solely mine unless specifically mentioned otherwise. It's clear that I am not happy
and personally i don't have a grudge against Sarkozy or French Govt. till they stay away from veil and a girl's modesty.

The infamous husband of Famous Carla Bruni (of naked pic fame) and France President, Nicolas Sarkozy has recently “liberated” the “oppressed” Muslim women who wear Burqa by their will as a submission to GOD.

He has been quoted saying "The issue of the burqa is not a religious issue, it is a question of freedom and of women's dignity.” Perhaps, donning an overall, willingly, which hides your face, just because you feel you can be closer to God is not at all religious. Perhaps, living such an “uncommon” life where every other person throws you a skeptical look is slavery. Perhaps, something which protects a woman from the evil eyes and rude remarks suppresses her dignity. Perhaps, the French government has gone nuts. Perhaps, no perhaps was needed for the previous sentence.

courtesy : Miss France

France, by chance is a “secular” country. So secular, that it has gone to the extent of “not welcoming” the right to practice religion freely (and harmlessly). Which by chance, happens to be one of the most fundamental rights of humans. Sarkozy decided by his will that it throws women under a life of oppression and refrained himself by conducting a survey on how many women actually do it for other’s will. May be he was too busy to act as a hero of captivated Muslim girls. Honestly speaking, Sarkozy should ban clothes at all and stop making one by one sensationalizing comments.

Interestingly, Sarkozy is no new in the list, once a Bishop of Rochester announced that he doesn’t like niqab because there’s something wrong with it, then Dr. John R. and G. Brown, two Scotsmen said they had an issue with niqab too. The former wears a purple robe and a pointed hat and the latter comes from a country where men wear pleated skirts (no harm meant to the sentiments of people of concerning faith/ country), in words of the most courageous and outspoken Muslim woman of today's world - Yvonne Ridley.

A progressive educated Muslim girl in the veil

Many other critics are of the view that it creates hurdles in communication. In the era of ever expanding global village, where communications are done by emails, mobiles, telephones, letters etc., where radios, i-pods are the necessities of life, it can be only absurd to state the importance of face expression for communication. And if face was all that mattered, why the identity cards were invented, which need to be attested by the signature of the person who is of course not the one in the picture on the card. Infact I agree when Yvonne Ridley says that men, including Sarkozy (:D) should try to stay away from our (girl’s) wardrobes.

For some reason, I can’t understand the nature of the state itself. First they run after the turbans now they run after women to remove their modest dressing. France is a state where wearing revealing clothes, which are supposed to be enjoyed by men more than women is considered freedom. It’s a state where hiding chastity and practicing modesty is viewed as subjection to men.

with hijab w/out hijab
an excellent example

Honestly speaking, I don’t think an attire which keeps away the drooling eyes of men is a subjection to them. The subjection here is dressing to show them what they desire to see. I may sound harsh here, but that’s what the truth is. Sarkozy is right when he says it’s subjection. Yes it is subjection, subjection to the will of God. Not to the will of man. And France needs to understand this.

For the kind information of French Government, niqab is not mandatory in Islam, though it is mandatory to protect one’s modesty and there are some ways described to follow the same. Hijab (head covering) comes under it and niqab doesn’t. It is advised though. So if a Muslim women wears a niqab it means she is trying to be closer to God and avoid men and their unnecessary attraction towards her. It by no chance means that she has been tortured to it.

...and they say they need to free us

French Government must be deaf, dumb and blind not to note that no woman will go for a burqa/niqab/face veil and work, study and move in the same society where half naked girls roam around just because they are under subjection and can’t raise their voice. It must be blessed with the least analytical mind to miss the fact that it is done freely and no true Muslim can or will force it unto women. It must be the most sickular state to avoid interpreting the ayah There is no compulsion in religion... (Qur’an 2:256).

It's our choice, our freedom

French government should stop attacking on the personal freedom of people and should keep itself away from adopting such sterile and unethical measures in false name of “granting freedom”. If it really means to do so it should stop passing measurements on how short a dress of a girl needs to be.

And i wish Mr. Nicolas Sarkozy a speedy recovery (from his redesigning-girl's-closet-and-redefining-right-to-personal-choice syndrome). Get Well Soon Sir.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Islamic Google and ❤❤~~Mirage~~❤❤

The media, the politicians, the so called self-branded “jihadi’s” and a lot more people knowing nothing but the spelling of ISLAM and the rule of polygamy (on surface of course) are enough to represent a distorted picture of Islam to any layman who wishes to know about the religion “genuinely”. Fine, you may actually get authentic and detailed information too, but it is really hard to sort out which one is true and worthy to believe. Specially, for people like me, who are blank on books about Islam or let’s say just too lazy to find one, open it and read it and then understand it too :D, it’s really difficult. But thanks to the all new search engine I found, I am relieved.

The search engine is called “Islamic Google” [] and is build for people searching exclusive on Islam or Muslims. It’s believed to posses a ‘safe search’ technology keeping away the ‘unwanted’ stuffs out of search and shall produce result from the best of Islamic Sites on net.

Though it is powered by Google, it is not allied or associated with the search giant Google. Here what the search engine declares about itself :

“Islamic search engine powered by Google will strive to provide an easy to use resource to anyone wanting to learn more about Islam and provide a good way for Muslims to surf the web safely. IslamicGoogle will use ‘safe search’ technology and will produce results from all over the Internet with more weighting to given famous Islamic websites. It eliminates the vast majority of unsavoury content, such as pornography, and applies strict filtering for both explicit text and explicit images,”

And here goes there disclaimer:

“We work closely with Google to help ensure that the results are not objectionable in nature. However, some of the results and adverts that are displayed may not be in line with Islam and we do not endorse any of the results or adverts displayed on IslamicGoogle,”

Along with it, I have a new excitement to share with all here. : )
I made the long pending, new blog, finally. :) I have been telling people about the same for quite a long time. I was really thinking that the present one was turning into a dustbin where I was dumping everything, literally :P..The new blog will be a piece of mind for the present one and also for those who were fed up of me posting all poems and fiction things here :D . Let’s keep the present one for my occasional ramblings and those rare times when I pen down something sensible :P.

So the new blog is called ❤❤~~Mirage~~❤❤ - Too real to be an imagination. The name credit goes to one of my really special friend :) wanna thank him publicly…thanks’s a wonderful name …and goes with the theme of the blog, but the caption credit is mine :D :P. I made two new posts in it too. Check it out :) One of the poem which I really love, I am posting it here too…hope people will like it…:) Do leave your comments about the new blog, it’s look, feel and posts…and no need to be nice… :P

Companion For Me Is You..

Crushed hopes, dark world, lost ways and killed aspirations

Once, there was a world of such devastations.

Mourning continued, sobbing followed, night kept creeping in

Plight like this, and a girl fastened there in.

And all the miracles of which mortals are aware; seemed false

Nothing worked, all went in despair.

Indeed the only thing she needed was a little love, a little care

Or may be a little stretched hand to support; but

None came, none bothered and she was left alone.

For a while, suddenly the prayers seemed to come true

On a far land, came an angel, as human he grew

Ripping the darkness, steeped in her little world, wiped her tears off

Making an unsaid promise, held her hand and walked short

Entwined fingers, shivering body and a new ray of hope

Inside she was afraid, but knew now she ll cope

She knew, the angel came for her, came to love and trust her

Yes, she knew he came to be a companion of her

Oh, how happy she was, to be loved, to be cared, to be trusted all again

Unending tears followed, but this time, not in vain.

Thats all for now :)..Allah Hafiz

Companion for me is you..

Crushed hopes, dark world, lost ways and killed aspirations

Once, there was a world of such devastations.

Mourning continued, sobbing followed, night kept creeping in

Plight like this, and a girl fastened there in.

And all the miracles of which mortals are aware; seemed false

Nothing worked, all went in despair.

Indeed the only thing she needed was a little love, a little care

Or may be a little stretched hand to support; but

None came, none bothered and she was left alone.

For a while, suddenly the prayers seemed to come true

On a far land, came an angel, as human he grew

Ripping the darkness, steeped in her little world, wiped her tears off

Making an unsaid promise, held her hand and walked short

Entwined fingers, shivering body and a new ray of hope

Inside she was afraid, but knew now she ll cope

She knew, the angel came for her, came to love and trust her

Yes, she knew he came to be a companion of her

Oh, how happy she was, to be loved, to be cared, to be trusted all again

Unending tears followed, but this time, not in vain.

P.S. It's the nearest poem to my heart...something which came so deep from my heart that i almost forgot that it was just a mix of words...:)
P.P.S. this is actually a dedication, which i forgot to mention's dedicated to the sweet "Angel" who has made my life sugury sweet..with added touch of salt and pepper when he loses his patient nerve :P

Wednesday, June 17, 2009 MAY

As i said in my previous to previous post that i have lots of things to tell rather write on such thing is my birthday...Sadly...very Sadly...the most saddest thing in my life happens to be my birthday...not because i regret being born....or any such random typical teenager mind game thing...crap..i LOVE that i am's Allah's mercy on me :) :) ....but i hate that i am born in MAY... :( :(

there are a lots of reason to it...first of all MAY is supposed to be summer here in it summer everywhere??..who because it's summer...All the schools and colleges are closed :( :(....that means NO celebration...coz NO friends...everyone leave town to go either to their native or for a holiday...and no matter wherever i go...i feel alone...sans friends on many times birthday happened when we were in train...on way to native :( :(....can it be any sadder than this....

As this wasn't enough ...when now i am in no school or college...worse...i am doing articleship...still i couldn't enjoy my birthday :( :(....coz ICAI...the great, prestiious ICAI (no sarcasm here :) ) thinks that summmer holz are best to keep exams...actually they do consider november....but my fate....both ma PCC and final were/are scheduled in may :( :(....

I was on study holz dis time :(....worst...the WORST thing to happen on a birthday....but thanks to all those sweet souls...who remembered ma birthday...all ma friends...who made an effort to gave me a call or a message :)....though i missed having fun with you all :( :(.....i agian regret for bieng born in may :(....

This time though my bro gave me a surprise :) sweet bro ....or lets cut the word sweet :P...he is smart...way smart than to be sweet actually :D :D..hope he isn't reading this anyways it was sweet of him to arrange the surprise when all my frnds were locked up in their room and i was at home..still he managed a few stuffs and we family of 5 enjoyed...have a look...

Not much stuff huh??

well half of the things mom prepared...and ppl ate as soon as it was could'nt get the original pic of lot of things :(

anyways hope u enjoyed our small gathering.. :)

Hope fully atleast next birthday i wont have exams..and their ll be friends to enjoy with too :)..lets see :) :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ahm ahm...It's being spiritual

Oh my GOD!!!

Oh my GOD!!!

Oh my GOD!!!

Today, a friend of mine told me that I was being communal in my posts…..

I beg your pardon…???!!!!

Am I really being communal….???!!!

HELL NO…where????…how??…show me???…..i am so not being communal….I so do support secularism…even in Islam we have been asked to respect other’s faith….there is a full length guidance thingy about Rights of Non-Muslim in an Islamic state…so if there such a thing in Islam….how can I follow communalism???? I am shocked…hell shocked…..i so do support that communalism is just a disaster thingy for any nation...

I think the friend was referring to the following para of my previous post..

A lot among them turning to social evils and targeting the weakest, the one such, which I remember was Satipratha. I was told it was practiced under Hinduism. As a kid just learning differences between religions I went back home and was proud to confirm from that such practice was never ever followed in Islam.

Ok so if it was concerning this…I will ask you politely to read the full article and not to make a judgment on the first para itself…though in the very first para itself I mentioned that I was a SIX GRADER back then…a child’s mind may be molded in any form..Remember??….and in the full post if u read it carefully, you will get my point…I was NOT talking about the difference between Hinduism or Islam…hell NO..i was so NOT doing that….I was just trying to convey my thought on how Women are not being treated as they should be…as I don’t know much about other faith’s and am a new learner of my own….i tried to write in the light of Islamic knowledge…whatever little I have….

On further going down my post you will realize that I did advocate that Men…even Muslim men are not giving women their due right….leave Islamic right which were beautifully drafted 1400 years ago…they are even not giving them the Basic human rights…drafted by UNO…drafted by so called western countries….drafted by our nation itself…

I later did suggested how Muslim girls are supposed to protect and empower them..only because when I wrote this post…I was mostly referring Muslim girls…but if u critically analyze fits for all…

So you got my point basically…that I was not being Communal….

Hope you got it was shocking…heart-breaking that I was being communal….

I mean…how can I be…when I have lived all my life in defense colonies of a secular nation…a mini India…when I have 99% of my friends from non-Islamic faiths…how can I be….i respect their faith…and I respect theirs….I respect our constitution for providing us the fundamental right of practicing one’s own religion and faith…..I love that India is secular (I mean everyone tells so)….

Funny how it may sound….but I think everyone by now would have noticed how I include GOD in my every other post…But isn’t GOD every where?? why not in my posts as well :D

And following one's religion is not communal....eeiyyuu..yucky you cant say's just my's being SPIRITUAL...if you reallly want to call it being RELIGIOUS ( which i am so least now) i cant keep my belief on one side and my blog on another....when God himself says in the Quran that he rests in our heart... :)

Women - where do they stand today

Written by Heena Kausher Ansari • August 09, 2008

As a 6th grader in school I was taught in history class about one among various superstitious practices followed in India. A lot among them turning to social evils and targeting the weakest, the one such, which I remember was Satipratha. I was told it was practiced under Hinduism. As a kid just learning differences between religions I went back home and was proud to confirm from that such practice was never ever followed in Islam.

Little I knew then that its not the religion, not the time (Sathipratha was followed long back) not the man made boundaries on land, but the mind set, the thinking, the understanding of a man dominated society and its product man to rule over the fairer sex. For if it was supposed to be a reason among any of the former arguments then the case of Zarina and alike cases must have not occurred.

To people not so keen with news, it’s a case about a Pakistani 18year old married girl who suffered acid attack by her neighbor. An attack which did not stop from melting her eyelids, lips, face, shoulder, chest, but melted her beauty, her life, her hopes and questioned her existence as a free human.

Woman, the fairer sex, before the name changed was referred as the weaker sex who is also commonly used as synonym.

Why is it so, why has it always been a male dominated society. Many ‘whys’ are not answered and so we turn towards God and its religion for replies.

So talking about Zarina’s case, was that Islam taught us or is teaching anywhere? No. Going back in time, it was only due to Prophet Mohammed S.A.W that the heinous crime of killing girl child was aborted in Arab, after people accepted Islam as a way of life.

Islam is and has always been a religion which respects the status of women and encourages good treatment towards them. In fact, the heaven for which every human desire for has been told to lie at under a mother’s feet, one of woman’s various roles.

Then what is that the world doesn’t treat her so, if not equal and more important why is it so that the world thinks and blames Islam for designating woman a lower status than man.

It’s the “ignorance’. Ignorance against the laws of humanity, the philosophy of ‘live and let live’ and on top of all the understanding of Islam and its teaching.

One remarkable fact to note is that all such cases arise mostly and majorly among poor and uneducated class of people. People who are mostly at a loss to know what the religion or in fact the whole of humanity teaches them and expects them to act so.

Poor girls like Zarina are hardly imparted any education, written or oral so withdrawing every possibility of making a future by earning money. The only future they have is under a man, his name as his daughter, wife or mother and the only education they receive are the guidelines from their grandmothers, mothers, aunts and sisters to keep quiet and to accept any and all of such barbaric treatments.

They are kept away from the so called ‘modern education’ so as not to make rebels out of these innocent hearts. A girl finally turns to a pitiable soul, who having no education, no money, a family (mainly children) to feed and a heart filled with motherhood can’t leave her husband.

It’s again not their fault, with a viewpoint as theirs. It seems all tolerable to accept these hateful treatments. They are in need to be educated about the legal rights prevalent in the country and the rights which the religion bestows them with.

It’s a pity in today’s contemporary world that women have to fight for what they already deserve. Men, then also, are not ready to compromise. We read, hear and witness this brutally malicious act being repeated over and over again, only reflecting the value of women in society.

There can be many solutions for this problem. As for ignorance, solution is knowledge, for this it has to be widespread education- an education which will impart economic independence among women through employment. Other steps can be tougher laws and more importantly their strict implementation. The police investigation and the court trials should be impartial and as fast as they can be. The penalty should be no less than death for those found guilty.

Government, Muslim leaders and Ulemas should not only go on making laws or delivering speeches but instead, I hope, they be a bit practical in their sayings. Then may be, if Allah desires and all goes well, in some time we might be able to give back women their real place in society.

P.S.: This was written by me some 10 months ago...sadly women's position haven't changed reposting per the grammitical mistakes..ignore was written in a hurry..and i dint review it ;)

P.P.S.: I wrote it after reading about Zarina's case..and it is already published on IDMV here

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The intro of Moi :D

Assallam Aliekum (Peace be upon all)

I am known as Heena in the real and formal world; full name Heena Kausher Ansari, but in the virtual world and the world of those closely related to me call me Gul, Gulshan and then their creativity flows to the limit unimaginable. I don’t mind either of them.

I lived a blessed life of full 19 yrs , 1 month and 3 days on this wonderful and marvelous earth. God has somehow always been kind to me. And my belief on Him just strengthens with every passing second. No, I am not a religious kind of person; in fact I started getting a little spiritual only a few months back. The right thing exactly at the right time happened to me. :)

My interest hovers on variety of topics; nation, politics, literature, science, people, religion, mythology, logics, random, and you can go on naming them. I am unpredictable even to myself. I fail to understand my emotion so much that at times strangers get me better than I can. But this thing doesn’t let me go down. I feel it’s the search for peace within me. And I get closer to my goal the more I get lost this way. After all to find the way you ought to get lost (abridged from to run you need to walk :D :P).

I try out every new thing I can and also which I can’t. My loved ones caption me as too experimenting and somehow I love the caption. :) I get deviated very fast. I may be speaking on something nd in an instant I ll change the topic. This is not how I get lost; this is something which once a friend told me happens because I have numerous of thought running in my mind and want to vomit them all, but have no control on them. I am learning. It helps and I love to learn.

But I hate studies. For the sake of formality I ll let you know I am studying CA. Have given my PCC and awaiting results. And I belong to UP, never lived there; I have the extremely blessed fate of traveling and residing with people who take pledge to guard the nation :). Ya, I am patriotic too. A little too much. You dare not to stand when the National anthem goes on, and you are dead. Mind you.

I know I had to write not because I was born with any silver, gold, diamond pen but because I always knew my words on paper are a more of a mirror to my heart than the tears in my eyes. They always defined me, somehow completed me, they are the walking stick in old age, the oxygen which I breath, the cloak which covers me, they are my life.

The sand is running down the sand box. I have no time, literally. I don’t know much about me. It’s anyways something for others to know. So I ll stop myself *wondering who is gonna have the patience to read it full* :/.

P.S. I wrote this for WL..because there was a series lik ds going on..but y i wrote it here?? i just have no idea about it.
Treat it as my making up with my stupid posts for over a gap of 3 months ;)
and may be who knows ...some of u mite b interested in knowing me :P :P

P.P.S. The pic is oh-so-not mine :D

Friday, June 12, 2009

I am back..with a bang :D


Look at that sentence…it looks incomplete..Yes it surely does…

there should be an “Alhamdulillah” after it…

or may be “finally”

or may be “pheww”

or may be a “screaming me”

but it doesn’t’s a sentence I wanted to write from ages and ages ago…

or lets be honest…rather let me be honest..a sentence I wanted to write from about a month ago…why??? Because I started studying only a month back…the study u call a CA study…not the usual me reading some case law and remembering those weird names just because they sound…oh so weird…not because they are part of my examination syllabus (hell it’s such a horrible word!!!)

Whatever that sentence is peaceful…very peaceful..Alhamdullillah….

I want to write so many things..

want to tell so many things….

have started hating so many things….

have started loving so many things...

have so many people to blame…

have sooooooooo many people to thanks…

but I am lost…I mean am at a loss of words..Or may be am lost…whichever is true..I hardly care….the point is there are so many things in my mind that I am not able to comprehend them properly.. It feels like that auditing and costing exam.. Everything in my mind and me at a loss of word…or was I lost??? but now i don’t want to comprehend them….why…?? Because I am happy being like this…

Anyways..what am I doing…TALKING STUDIES ON BLOG ….oh God pls…no one …no one among you people is gonna tell me that I have changed….yes I know that’s true..but let’s keep it like “it’s for the good…”

Ok so the main point..exams are over..and my keyboard will be going under severe torcher….:D :D and may be even you guys :P…I have so much to write..but for the sake of this post let’s keep it till exams…

The good thing : they are over…ALHAMDULILLAH

The bad thing: i have screwed half of them…that amount to 3 outta 6 (what math :D)

The good thing: I realize now what Jaimy and Tarun were doing…when they were looking in the books…they weren’t murmuring..oh sure they weren’t….

The Bad thing: I was murmuring and dreaming while doing so :(

The good thing: I learnt the correct definition of the word “HARDWORK”

The bad thing: I feel I have to refresh my memory over the word “LUCK” (it has to be wid me ..has to)

The good thing: I know what FRIENDS mean..i mean all of them..Mom (yes I know I wrote friends) Lian, Angel, Ram, Fatin, Dhir, Shailu, Shanu,….i get emo when I think of u guys ..i mean…

mom thanks for tolerating my extreme behavior…

Lian, Angel..thanks for getting up in the middle of night and encouraging me with the most loving, caring and zealous words..

Ram..Thanks for being in touch..

Fatin..for the miss calls in morning :) it meant a lot….

Dhir..Oh dear I can’t list down how you supported me in my al sudden mood swings…

Shailu…for constantly reminding me that there someone whom I always tend to forget but he does remember :)…

and Finally Shanu..thanks for fighting, scolding, loving , caring, tolerating, encouraging me every time..It showed your care…even when you behaved in those inhumane ways..:P and even in all your gentleman-ness

There are a lot more ppl I missed…I know..i am sorry ppl…blame it on my poor memory over stuffed with those matter written in Arial, 10, black on CA books.

The Bad thing: I wasn’t being in touch..:( I am sorry….and I was being immature and extreme and emo..i am sorry again ….:(

The good thing: I came closer to my extremism

The bad thing: I still think it wasn’t me

The good thing: I have doubled my faith in GOD…and yes it’s because of the exams

The bad thing: I still sin a lot :(

Ahggg…it’s never ending….basically exams alone did a lot of change in me and my life..Besides the BIG BIG changes already happening in my life sans the effect of exams..I know I won’t be able to come at par with the expectations of people around me, this time…but believe me I tried…I miscalculated and then I failed…I am sorry..but I ll do it…if it goes wrong again…and that won’t let you ppl down…

WHAT AM I THINKING…the result aren’t out…that means I STILL HAVE TIME..and Inshaallah I ll pass…:) Don’t you remember ALLAH is all merciful and that God helps those who help themselves…hell…again I am thinking two contrasting statements at the same time :(..Isn’t this insecurity..nah..let’s say it’s the devil’s work..It’s so easy to do that it improves your belief on GOD..YAY!!

So anyways…results aren’t out…and it ll take time…till then…aap main aur mera blog :P

P.S. the post is concerning just the exam..other matters ll be dealt in the subsequent posts

P.P.S. I feel I have lost that “writing” thing in me….do you feel so too..

P.P.P.S. Have a detailed look on my blog….isn’t it kinda different *hint* the pets, personality and stuff :P