Friday, June 26, 2009

Liberating from Right to Personal Choice : Niqab

Pre-Script : The opinion mentioned below are solely mine unless specifically mentioned otherwise. It's clear that I am not happy
and personally i don't have a grudge against Sarkozy or French Govt. till they stay away from veil and a girl's modesty.

The infamous husband of Famous Carla Bruni (of naked pic fame) and France President, Nicolas Sarkozy has recently “liberated” the “oppressed” Muslim women who wear Burqa by their will as a submission to GOD.

He has been quoted saying "The issue of the burqa is not a religious issue, it is a question of freedom and of women's dignity.” Perhaps, donning an overall, willingly, which hides your face, just because you feel you can be closer to God is not at all religious. Perhaps, living such an “uncommon” life where every other person throws you a skeptical look is slavery. Perhaps, something which protects a woman from the evil eyes and rude remarks suppresses her dignity. Perhaps, the French government has gone nuts. Perhaps, no perhaps was needed for the previous sentence.

courtesy : Miss France

France, by chance is a “secular” country. So secular, that it has gone to the extent of “not welcoming” the right to practice religion freely (and harmlessly). Which by chance, happens to be one of the most fundamental rights of humans. Sarkozy decided by his will that it throws women under a life of oppression and refrained himself by conducting a survey on how many women actually do it for other’s will. May be he was too busy to act as a hero of captivated Muslim girls. Honestly speaking, Sarkozy should ban clothes at all and stop making one by one sensationalizing comments.

Interestingly, Sarkozy is no new in the list, once a Bishop of Rochester announced that he doesn’t like niqab because there’s something wrong with it, then Dr. John R. and G. Brown, two Scotsmen said they had an issue with niqab too. The former wears a purple robe and a pointed hat and the latter comes from a country where men wear pleated skirts (no harm meant to the sentiments of people of concerning faith/ country), in words of the most courageous and outspoken Muslim woman of today's world - Yvonne Ridley.

A progressive educated Muslim girl in the veil

Many other critics are of the view that it creates hurdles in communication. In the era of ever expanding global village, where communications are done by emails, mobiles, telephones, letters etc., where radios, i-pods are the necessities of life, it can be only absurd to state the importance of face expression for communication. And if face was all that mattered, why the identity cards were invented, which need to be attested by the signature of the person who is of course not the one in the picture on the card. Infact I agree when Yvonne Ridley says that men, including Sarkozy (:D) should try to stay away from our (girl’s) wardrobes.

For some reason, I can’t understand the nature of the state itself. First they run after the turbans now they run after women to remove their modest dressing. France is a state where wearing revealing clothes, which are supposed to be enjoyed by men more than women is considered freedom. It’s a state where hiding chastity and practicing modesty is viewed as subjection to men.

with hijab w/out hijab
an excellent example

Honestly speaking, I don’t think an attire which keeps away the drooling eyes of men is a subjection to them. The subjection here is dressing to show them what they desire to see. I may sound harsh here, but that’s what the truth is. Sarkozy is right when he says it’s subjection. Yes it is subjection, subjection to the will of God. Not to the will of man. And France needs to understand this.

For the kind information of French Government, niqab is not mandatory in Islam, though it is mandatory to protect one’s modesty and there are some ways described to follow the same. Hijab (head covering) comes under it and niqab doesn’t. It is advised though. So if a Muslim women wears a niqab it means she is trying to be closer to God and avoid men and their unnecessary attraction towards her. It by no chance means that she has been tortured to it.

...and they say they need to free us

French Government must be deaf, dumb and blind not to note that no woman will go for a burqa/niqab/face veil and work, study and move in the same society where half naked girls roam around just because they are under subjection and can’t raise their voice. It must be blessed with the least analytical mind to miss the fact that it is done freely and no true Muslim can or will force it unto women. It must be the most sickular state to avoid interpreting the ayah There is no compulsion in religion... (Qur’an 2:256).

It's our choice, our freedom

French government should stop attacking on the personal freedom of people and should keep itself away from adopting such sterile and unethical measures in false name of “granting freedom”. If it really means to do so it should stop passing measurements on how short a dress of a girl needs to be.

And i wish Mr. Nicolas Sarkozy a speedy recovery (from his redesigning-girl's-closet-and-redefining-right-to-personal-choice syndrome). Get Well Soon Sir.


gulnaz said...

another thought prevoking post gul.....well written...

Anonymous said...

thanks gulnaz..i hope it provokes some thoughts in mind of Sarkozy...

on a lighter note....we share the first half of our name ... GUL :D

comfortably numb said...

Thank You for writing this, just puts the point across more pertinently coming froma girl...wanted to write on this topic, but I dun need to do so now, u have spoken words which I wanted to speak...I can just refer everyone to your article now.
Well Done...what will theyunderstandof human rights n liberty who not of self respect itself after all!!!

Anonymous said...

Exactly Saim.. i was wondering how a guy can conclude that what a girl is supposed to wear or not...i hope i have done justice to a girl's perspective on this issue.. :)

well u shud write too...let's c a a guy's view favoring veil ;)...and do refer ur frnd...lets c what ppl hav 2 say

i agree the most fundamental right is bieng surpressed in name of freedom and liberalisation...

Barack Obama was so right when he said it's against the right to personal freedom.

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

Assalam gulshan
This was such a wonderful post….
Surely, a ‘perhaps’ was not needed there… they definitely have gone nuts.
I myself don’t understand how can a person say that these women are ‘oppressed’.. I mean.. c’mon.. we r talking bout France and not some other Taliban ruled country, are we?
Imagine a gal in India… in some little village somewhere…wearing the hijab… maybe shes doing it for God.. maybe she’s doing out of force by her family.. maybe…
If u fight for her right ..ok
But imagine sayin that ‘me’ or ‘you’ are being forced.. it’s kind of stupid.. I mean if someone forces me.. or anyone to do something, I can straight away complain regarding it to the principal of my college, to the police, to the media… it will be such a big issue.
With so many woman’s rights workers, NGOs and the fact that I am not livin in a Shariah based country, if I still feel that I cant stop someone from forcing me to wear the hijab, it’s a shame.
Likewise for France…. Im sure that country too has associations for women upliftment, im sure the education standard of women in that country is good, better than India I believe, same goes for financial independence… even then if they feel that their women are being forced to wear the hijab , it’s not a shame on these women, it’s not a shame on the religion o fthese women..
But, it’s a big shame on this country.
A country which in spite of being so developed feels that its women are being ‘forced’ to wear something….. is ONE hell of a pathetic country.

In fact, I think it must be common knowledge to people that in the wake of the increasing hatred for Islam, if a woman is wearing a hijab or a jilbab or a niqab in a NON-MUSLIM SOCIETY, she is showing way way way more courage and independence than any other woman who is shedding the hijab.
While I don’t believe in forcing hijab upon anyone, and I believe it’s a very personal choice..
I do believe that a woman who is a hijabi and is being MADE to leave her hijab is the ONE BEING OPPRESSED… being OPPRESSED by these fighters of women’s independence.
Whereas a woman who, in spite of all the hatred towards hijabs, muslims and islam, goes on wearing that she wishes to, whether it is a plain hijab, a burqa, a niqab or whatever… is the one who’s got wat we call GUTS… she is standing up bravely covered in her ‘tent’ (as people like to call it) and look like a ‘ghost’ (as people like to call it)….proclaiming to the world that
“yes I belong to the most hated religion in the world, do wat you want, you suckers!”

SHE’s the woman I salute…..

ǻηЈει σf ❤❤❤s said...

@gulshan , jazakallah

I m sure u ll b really rewrded by Almighty to write on world's current most controversial topic in such a good& innovative way.

I salute and respect to above sister's blasting comment on Gul's post, bcz its something which we can term as absolutely inhuman and un-understandable mark by 'sar khojee' being a president of so-called developed country, a so called secular country where right of choice is being suppressed.

fst it was jewish cap, then sikh turban, now its veil??? r they really secular or simply redefined its meaning??if they forgot the true meaning of it, then they better make a trip to India and learn some secular values from developing nation as well.....

Anonymous said...

@ jalpari

Walekum sallam aapi.
Thanks :).

French govt. is surely nuts to think that ppl like u and me are wearing hijab to please the men of our family, when other women of our family are not subjected to so called “oppression”. It’s only for s 2 poor…they really need to meet us..or I think u shud be enough for them….

The fact that these courageous women, who dare to wear the veil, in a western country, where every other Muslim is suspected to b a 9/11 terrorist, are seen as oppressed is not only funny but enough to prove their hatred and insecurity towards Muslims and Islamic traditions.

I wonder on whose reference or request Sarkozy concluded that these women are living a life of slave when they are the most “free” citizen of that state. They are showing their feminity through their mind, words and actions and hiding their sexuality by carefully concealing it.

And still they are unhappy with such a woman because she chooses to be free from this whole hungama of being treated as an “object”.
Perhaps, they are so used to see the bare skin of women that they can’t bear a cloth covering it.

Anyways I salute all those who dare to wear veil in such a place. Sometimes I wish I can go to France and wear a face veil there, just as a mark of protest. :P

Anonymous said...

@ ǻηgει σբ ❤❤❤s

Thanks for ur prayers. It’s sad that a simple piece of cloth is a matter of such a big controversy when we really need a modest society in this increasing commercializing world with zero ethics level.
Nice nic for “Sar khojee” :D :D Simply awesome. :D

France is develop with it’s expanding concrete jungle, flowing rivers of alcohol, drugs and increasing nudity. Unfortunately it has lost its culture of respecting women and their femenity, the wonderful and rich ethics and morals, it possessed once which can be seen in its immortal literatures.

It’s on the reverse trip on the development lane, suppressing the most fundamental rights of human – right to chose, right to personal freedom, right to practice one’s faith and religion freely and harmlessly.

It’s simply becoming an extremist, by rejecting anything which distinguishes a person from its current generation’s norms.

Well I am really happy to be an Indian citizen in this regard. At least I can move freely (sans few exception) in the hijab. ;)

Anonymous said...

I really appreciate you very heartly for writing this post...

I have been wearing abaya sine I was 12 years old and I don't find any uncomfortableness in it!!!

It's our wish..

There are some indian creatures in my office who brings out sarcatism in wearing burqah..

The creatures which show their inner things out.. shameless creatures.. !!!!!!

I feel ashamed for them being an indians... They come from a democracy country and not respecting the views and follows of other religion... The most hurting thing is the way they talk.. deliberately !!

Good job girl!!

ǻηgει σբ ❤❤❤s said...

The way they are treating their subjects is like we cant say them even secular fundamentalist or secular extremist as when they say islamic fundamentalist to some extremst muslims,bcz fundamentals of secularism is always that to allow right to practice their religion and belief on their personal life,which france govt. is suppressing by doing banned on jewish cap , sikh tarbun and now veil, its not the only matter with muslims in France,its becoming matter of humanity who love to practice thier religion there.

Anonymous said...

Grab it Darlz...


Anonymous said...

ǻηgει σբ ❤❤❤s

why even adding the word "secular" for them...

jews ..sikh...and now muslims....who is next in the hit list??

Anonymous said...

thanks nusrath..thats a wonderful gift dear.....:) :)

love u loads for it...

see its now resting on teh left hand side of my blog :D

Mr. Mcphisto said...

maybe secular means something different in French :D

manorath said...

very nicely said.. this is one of the things i wanted to write bout as well.. and it was a great experience to read what u have got to say..

Arun Kumar said...

Sarkozy was really insensitive saying this...
I like his liberal ideas towards the state... but these kinda religious insensitive remarks are just plain stupid...

loved the witty words of Yvonne Ridley. will check him out...

You hav a cute blog with a lotta thought provoking posts... i love it.. Following it...

Anonymous said...

@ Mr. Mc Phisto..

sickular??? :P

thanks..well ds indeed is a burning issue and a slap on so called "secularism"....and even the violation of basic human rights....

i hope every one who feels for teh issue should voice it loud

@arun kumar..

well he is liberal enough to allow hijab (headscarf) till now..atleast thats what the critics say...

but ya he was really insensitive and pretty dumb to pass such a remark...

u can check "her" out...Yvonne Ridley happens to be a lady :)

Thanks for teh compliments :)
welcome to the blog :)

MOHAMMED said...

assalam alaikum

well a nicely compiled article by gul with deserving criticism to sarkozy

and sarkozy shud undrstand that its not nice of him to unnecessarily interfere in the wardrobe of ladies and let them choose wat to wear n what not to

mohammed bilal haque

Shanu said...

Absolutely agree wit your point of view..dictating what one should wear and wat one shouldnt goes agnst the very funda of democracy..I dont know what they mean when they say that they are tryin to liberate ppl when infact they are restricitng personal freedom!
Kudos for having the courage to a write a post like this!

Mohammad Shahanshah Ansari said...

Your effort to raise voice against western propaganda to malign the image of Muslims and Islam is appreciated.

How concerned Mr Sarkozy is about Muslim women and their rights is easily shows. It is becoming very cheap business these days to gain popularly by making such insane comments.

Anonymous said...

hey bilal, Shanu and shahanshah...

well glad to know that people do respect freedom and understand the concept of democracy....i hardly know what drived Sarkozy to be a zoro and help the women who even dint asked him...

khaali pili ka..:D

thanks bilal for dropping by ..i hope more muslims can clear the comcept of covering up to the world

hey shanu...(well to all who are still guessing..shanu is a gal..i mean this on her profile and u ll c d diff...:D)i have a MALE frnd wid d same nic...:D :D strange and funny :P

cmng to teh topic m glad that even non-muslim see this issue from teh better's really important that we do respect each other's faith....and m glad u do it too :)

and ya i hope ppl come up wid more strong words and better action against this mindless blabbering of Sarkozy..

Hey's true..the way Sarkozy seems Islam is teh worst religion and it cant let breath it's people the free the way i have seen gals riding scooty to cover face...taaki they can :D

Sarkozy is now in international headlines...ppl are so obsessed with Page3 fame..sad!!

Mohammad Shahanshah Ansari said...

Few lines are coming in my mind:

"Be-parda Nazar Aayeen kal jo chand Beebiyaan
Akbar Zammen mein ghairat-e-quami se garh gaya
poocha jo usne aapka parda vo kya hua
kehne laageen ke aql pe mardon ki parh gaya"

Mr. Mcphisto said...

dun know why people are bringing the dropping cloths thing here. as if france was ever seperated from nudity!!

and i guess its ok for sarkozy to decide what to wear (definetly french woman should wear at least something) but not what not to wear especially when it happens to be more dignified than lets say...hmm lets not say it :P

btw those girls riding scooty shall wear helmet instead wrapping that cloth around. it will not only protect from dust and smoke but from severe injuries too <-- this is page 3 statement for sure :D

Mr. Mcphisto said...

hey gulllll has completed 6 months since she turned to hizab. amazing!!! isn't it :)

Nadeem said...

Its realy nice hina to see you...

Itz realy amazing to read you as well as many girls here, that lotz of girls are in the favour of Hijaab..

As it an order of Khuda thru Our Prophet (Sallal lahi alahiwa sallam)..

God bless all of you

Anonymous said...

@ shahanshah..

waah shayar ji :D

were so apt lines...sarkozy k akal pe to pakka pad gaya hai...bepardah karne pe tula hai pious aurton ko x-(

at teh other hand..mard kab akal mand the :P

Anonymous said... true... i wonder where west is the stone age?? when man dint knew how to cover..

well i believe in story of Adam (A.S.) and even he had the "sharm" of covering him when he was sent to earth.. kher point isit is in the nature of man to cover...

i second that french women should wear something...tanning is OK..but this much ll make them sick :D :D

i feel evry non-french gal should gift one french gal a full covering dress to Carla Bruni :P

helmet ll b better...woner why they dont wear it..when it looks more stylish... :@

and yah i completed 6 months...lazy me managed to scribble a post for it too :D

Anonymous said...

@ Nadeem

yup..i am proud too to find such galz who are following this command out of understanding and will :)

just wish that people understand us :)

Anonymous said...

Selem aleykom :) I live in France, I study in France ( at university ) and... I wear the niqab. But they just don't know how their law have raised my faith more and more al hamdoulli'Allah ! Jazakul'Allah ou khayran for your post I loved it :)