Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ahm ahm...It's being spiritual

Oh my GOD!!!

Oh my GOD!!!

Oh my GOD!!!

Today, a friend of mine told me that I was being communal in my posts…..

I beg your pardon…???!!!!

Am I really being communal….???!!!

HELL NO…where????…how??…show me???…..i am so not being communal….I so do support secularism…even in Islam we have been asked to respect other’s faith….there is a full length guidance thingy about Rights of Non-Muslim in an Islamic state…so if there such a thing in Islam….how can I follow communalism???? I am shocked…hell shocked…..i so do support that communalism is just a disaster thingy for any nation...

I think the friend was referring to the following para of my previous post..

A lot among them turning to social evils and targeting the weakest, the one such, which I remember was Satipratha. I was told it was practiced under Hinduism. As a kid just learning differences between religions I went back home and was proud to confirm from that such practice was never ever followed in Islam.

Ok so if it was concerning this…I will ask you politely to read the full article and not to make a judgment on the first para itself…though in the very first para itself I mentioned that I was a SIX GRADER back then…a child’s mind may be molded in any form..Remember??….and in the full post if u read it carefully, you will get my point…I was NOT talking about the difference between Hinduism or Islam…hell NO..i was so NOT doing that….I was just trying to convey my thought on how Women are not being treated as they should be…as I don’t know much about other faith’s and am a new learner of my own….i tried to write in the light of Islamic knowledge…whatever little I have….

On further going down my post you will realize that I did advocate that Men…even Muslim men are not giving women their due right….leave Islamic right which were beautifully drafted 1400 years ago…they are even not giving them the Basic human rights…drafted by UNO…drafted by so called western countries….drafted by our nation itself…

I later did suggested how Muslim girls are supposed to protect and empower them..only because when I wrote this post…I was mostly referring Muslim girls…but if u critically analyze it..it fits for all…

So you got my point basically…that I was not being Communal….

Hope you got it now..it was shocking…heart-breaking that I was being communal….

I mean…how can I be…when I have lived all my life in defense colonies of a secular nation…a mini India…when I have 99% of my friends from non-Islamic faiths…how can I be….i respect their faith…and I respect theirs….I respect our constitution for providing us the fundamental right of practicing one’s own religion and faith…..I love that India is secular (I mean everyone tells so)….

Funny how it may sound….but I think everyone by now would have noticed how I include GOD in my every other post…But isn’t GOD every where??....so why not in my posts as well :D

And following one's religion is not communal....eeiyyuu..yucky you cant say so....it's just my belief..it's being SPIRITUAL...if you reallly want to call it..call it being RELIGIOUS ( which i am so not...at least now) i cant keep my belief on one side and my blog on another....when God himself says in the Quran that he rests in our heart... :)


Anonymous said...

Dear Gulshan!

I read your post yesterday.. You were right.. you were not talking about religion.. You were talking about women rights! And for example or the way we follow.. you quoted islamic religion.. it's not wrong! We write what we follow.. and ur intention was not to hurt anyone.. I hope the friend of your's read the previous post again and understand what you really mean!

Anonymous said...

thanks nuchu....actually the friend was petty ok when he said so...not in angery tone or somethin...but i was just wondering what if others feel the same?? and thats y i wrote it :)

angel said...

eh heenu,
Healthy and constructive comments and discussions on religion can solve the problems which humanity is facing today.whethere it is abt property laws which islam allowed women rightp's of property 1400 years ago, if u refer this,will it b communal?? while u r addressing rights of women,? off course not...., when u r referring atroities against women in india, u have to refer sati and dowry cases,without it u r article will not b complete so again it will not be communal,so dont be so defencive on u r thought , u r right.. and u r previus writings also says u can be always write... :) dont worry,god's mercy and Angel is always with u :)!!!

Mr. Mcphisto said...

@gul yeah perhaps he should have called it religious than communal and maybe you should have clarified with your frnd that for exact reason he called it so.
the thing is that the world islam and muslim is used unnecessarily lot many time in the posts here. i mean most of the article i read anywhere else they don't impart islamic teaching like this. IMO no religion encourages the practice of torture towards and particular gender or community, its peoples mentality. All religion have similar guidelines to live peacefully and get closer to almighty i,e being spiritual. buts its man which modifies those teaching to make his dominance in society. be it men of arab, afgan, taliban, or rajasthan, bajranj dal, shiv sena etc.

And i too believe that gods exists everywhere, he does every thing nice. i mean he/ she is truly great. but then gods shouldn't interfere in humanity. that's our task, thats what fallen for us to do. if that also is taken care of by god then it wont be human-anity anymore? will it?

Anonymous said...

exactly...that what i wrote the post about...it may be religious..if not spiritual...but no way communal....and ya i think i ll have a talk about the reason too :)

The word Islam and Muslim are just so related to me ..that i cant keep them off me...if it's being repeated ..believe me i can't help it..moreover..it's just not the blog...i am using it in everyday life ;)...that's a new thing in personality..added permanently...

i accept no religion talks about violence..and that what i wrote...that am not against any religion...i was against the man-dominated society...i did mention what Islam says about it..because i mainly wrote it on the basis of Zareena's case...though i agree it's human right violation too...

and if God exist everywhere...isn't it so that He should be allowed (not that he needs permission) everywhere...if he created human...he has all rights to interfere in humanity...no wonder if we don't heed what GOD has to say..eventually we lose touch with humanity...here i am not saying all atheist are inhumane but ya all inhumane ppl are surely not the true followers :)

hope u ll understand me :)

Mr. Mcphisto said...

well there was nothing against certain community but there was certainly favoritism. is favoritism to religion called religious or spiritual??

its weird the way you assumed the para and we have all these people giving advise to the frnd.

after this i believe the story of man who after surviving the plane crash and first thing he did was twitter about it than anything else was probably true.

Anonymous said...

I love Islam and so i write about it...i do respect others but for me Islam is true...(and pls don't ask me about the truthfulness of other religion...i really don't wanna get into debates :/)

If this is favoritism i really can't help it...but it is something in me...from the time i am born..infact I believe it is in everyone...everything...but let's leave it here....i blog about what i like and what dislike...like u know chocolates, dresses, friends (oh i love my frnds ;) ) and most importantly ISLAM....

i ll still call it religious..and coz Islam is for me in spirit of everything..it's SPIRITUAL for me...

My assumption may be wrong..i cleared with ma frnd...anyways this was just a declaration...a general declaration...that if anyone thinks so....i am really not being communal..:) i mean dil se..:) i am not being so :)

aur kuch to log kahenge...logon ka kaam hai kaehana :D..mere frnd ne kaha, maine kaha, aur mere frnd kliye aur frnds ne kaha :D ( iagree though i am really good at exaggeration :P )

i always believed that story :P :D..i am on twitter...see the batch on left hand side....follow me :D :D

Mr. Mcphisto said...