Saturday, June 13, 2009

The intro of Moi :D

Assallam Aliekum (Peace be upon all)

I am known as Heena in the real and formal world; full name Heena Kausher Ansari, but in the virtual world and the world of those closely related to me call me Gul, Gulshan and then their creativity flows to the limit unimaginable. I don’t mind either of them.

I lived a blessed life of full 19 yrs , 1 month and 3 days on this wonderful and marvelous earth. God has somehow always been kind to me. And my belief on Him just strengthens with every passing second. No, I am not a religious kind of person; in fact I started getting a little spiritual only a few months back. The right thing exactly at the right time happened to me. :)

My interest hovers on variety of topics; nation, politics, literature, science, people, religion, mythology, logics, random, and you can go on naming them. I am unpredictable even to myself. I fail to understand my emotion so much that at times strangers get me better than I can. But this thing doesn’t let me go down. I feel it’s the search for peace within me. And I get closer to my goal the more I get lost this way. After all to find the way you ought to get lost (abridged from to run you need to walk :D :P).

I try out every new thing I can and also which I can’t. My loved ones caption me as too experimenting and somehow I love the caption. :) I get deviated very fast. I may be speaking on something nd in an instant I ll change the topic. This is not how I get lost; this is something which once a friend told me happens because I have numerous of thought running in my mind and want to vomit them all, but have no control on them. I am learning. It helps and I love to learn.

But I hate studies. For the sake of formality I ll let you know I am studying CA. Have given my PCC and awaiting results. And I belong to UP, never lived there; I have the extremely blessed fate of traveling and residing with people who take pledge to guard the nation :). Ya, I am patriotic too. A little too much. You dare not to stand when the National anthem goes on, and you are dead. Mind you.

I know I had to write not because I was born with any silver, gold, diamond pen but because I always knew my words on paper are a more of a mirror to my heart than the tears in my eyes. They always defined me, somehow completed me, they are the walking stick in old age, the oxygen which I breath, the cloak which covers me, they are my life.

The sand is running down the sand box. I have no time, literally. I don’t know much about me. It’s anyways something for others to know. So I ll stop myself *wondering who is gonna have the patience to read it full* :/.

P.S. I wrote this for WL..because there was a series lik ds going on..but y i wrote it here?? i just have no idea about it.
Treat it as my making up with my stupid posts for over a gap of 3 months ;)
and may be who knows ...some of u mite b interested in knowing me :P :P

P.P.S. The pic is oh-so-not mine :D


Mr. Mcphisto said...

Hey dimpy you already rule this place, aap kisi intro ke mohtaaz nahi hai 8)
but jab aapne ne itne bata diya i gotta add that she is not as plump as people consider her also she lost considerable amount of mass during the holidays :X

Anonymous said...

ya..thats true i kinda rule it...i mean i am bieng so open here i guess :/

anyways..thanks to telling ppl...that i do have dimples which are just not dat much visible..:D but then they do exist 4 sm ppl :P

and i was neva plump x-(
was i? :(
anyways mom is behind me these days to eat "food"....prolly she doesn know that coffee and Omlette are FOOD..:P :D

Mr. Mcphisto said...

no you were never plump, really sacchi. why aren't these people believing me :P

And I'm vegetarian and anti caffeine so i'm on mum's side this time. replace you so called food with parathas and milkshake

Anonymous said...

how about a prawn biriyani of a chinese resturant ;)

Mr. Mcphisto said...

In sukh sagar there are more Chinese!!

Anonymous said...

main khaane ki baat kar rahi hun..besides wahan prawn nahi milta..

Mr. Mcphisto said...

Khana tum khati kahan ho?? And hey ek plate hum pe bhari padti hai then imagine buffet?

Anonymous said...

maie khaana khana shuru kar diya hai...i eat my dinner now regularly :)
breakfast bhi dekho shuru ho jayega

buffet is bakwaas..utne paise me to fizu, zaid aur sonu ko bhi khila sakte hain...fir buffet veg tha...prawn is automatic halal non-veg :P....

yay to prawns :D

Mr. Mcphisto said...

yeah breakfast bhi start karo. it is said to be the most important meal of the day.

buffet is not bad!!! bahut variety hoti hai in salads, starters, crunchers wagerah but tanker tummy chahiye.