Monday, June 22, 2009

Islamic Google and ❤❤~~Mirage~~❤❤

The media, the politicians, the so called self-branded “jihadi’s” and a lot more people knowing nothing but the spelling of ISLAM and the rule of polygamy (on surface of course) are enough to represent a distorted picture of Islam to any layman who wishes to know about the religion “genuinely”. Fine, you may actually get authentic and detailed information too, but it is really hard to sort out which one is true and worthy to believe. Specially, for people like me, who are blank on books about Islam or let’s say just too lazy to find one, open it and read it and then understand it too :D, it’s really difficult. But thanks to the all new search engine I found, I am relieved.

The search engine is called “Islamic Google” [] and is build for people searching exclusive on Islam or Muslims. It’s believed to posses a ‘safe search’ technology keeping away the ‘unwanted’ stuffs out of search and shall produce result from the best of Islamic Sites on net.

Though it is powered by Google, it is not allied or associated with the search giant Google. Here what the search engine declares about itself :

“Islamic search engine powered by Google will strive to provide an easy to use resource to anyone wanting to learn more about Islam and provide a good way for Muslims to surf the web safely. IslamicGoogle will use ‘safe search’ technology and will produce results from all over the Internet with more weighting to given famous Islamic websites. It eliminates the vast majority of unsavoury content, such as pornography, and applies strict filtering for both explicit text and explicit images,”

And here goes there disclaimer:

“We work closely with Google to help ensure that the results are not objectionable in nature. However, some of the results and adverts that are displayed may not be in line with Islam and we do not endorse any of the results or adverts displayed on IslamicGoogle,”

Along with it, I have a new excitement to share with all here. : )
I made the long pending, new blog, finally. :) I have been telling people about the same for quite a long time. I was really thinking that the present one was turning into a dustbin where I was dumping everything, literally :P..The new blog will be a piece of mind for the present one and also for those who were fed up of me posting all poems and fiction things here :D . Let’s keep the present one for my occasional ramblings and those rare times when I pen down something sensible :P.

So the new blog is called ❤❤~~Mirage~~❤❤ - Too real to be an imagination. The name credit goes to one of my really special friend :) wanna thank him publicly…thanks’s a wonderful name …and goes with the theme of the blog, but the caption credit is mine :D :P. I made two new posts in it too. Check it out :) One of the poem which I really love, I am posting it here too…hope people will like it…:) Do leave your comments about the new blog, it’s look, feel and posts…and no need to be nice… :P

Companion For Me Is You..

Crushed hopes, dark world, lost ways and killed aspirations

Once, there was a world of such devastations.

Mourning continued, sobbing followed, night kept creeping in

Plight like this, and a girl fastened there in.

And all the miracles of which mortals are aware; seemed false

Nothing worked, all went in despair.

Indeed the only thing she needed was a little love, a little care

Or may be a little stretched hand to support; but

None came, none bothered and she was left alone.

For a while, suddenly the prayers seemed to come true

On a far land, came an angel, as human he grew

Ripping the darkness, steeped in her little world, wiped her tears off

Making an unsaid promise, held her hand and walked short

Entwined fingers, shivering body and a new ray of hope

Inside she was afraid, but knew now she ll cope

She knew, the angel came for her, came to love and trust her

Yes, she knew he came to be a companion of her

Oh, how happy she was, to be loved, to be cared, to be trusted all again

Unending tears followed, but this time, not in vain.

Thats all for now :)..Allah Hafiz


angel said...

its a wonderfull attempt towards creative wrting,

Anonymous said...

Wow! i really love the layout of your other blog!!

Nice nice.. The acrostic is wonderful!!

And thanks dear for sharing and letting me know about Islamic google.. really its an wonderful job!

comfortably numb said...

thts a wonderful link which u have shared...thnx!!!
About Mirage, looking forward to many more wonderful posts from u, get cracking on a fic story now:)

Anonymous said...

glad that i could help u saim.. :)
and a fic story...u gotta kidding me :P...
i ll try ..let c hw bad it shapes up :P

Arun Kumar said...

read the acro at WL... Loved it very much...

I luv the name n caption of the new blog... cute creativity...