Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Thinking over things...lately!

World is full of so many surprises…they make you laugh...they make you cry..But ultimately they add up in your experiences and make you a mature person...No matter which road you take...What choices you make...You will always achieve what’s already written on your fate…and no one else can realize this better than me… (by the way did u realize that those four lines actually rhymed) I think I am the Queen in the game of fate..have seen it change so closely and so dramatically that I am sure my life could be easily made in a chart bursting movie…I want Vishal Bhardwaj to do the music please :D :P

Why I am back to blabbering again? Well there are loads of reason to it...First of all I am too busy to think...So am back at what I am best at...Speaking without thinking...And that doesn’t mean speaking senseless stuff..But speaking what mind and heart thinks and the first instance...The pure and innocent thought...I love spontaneity...that’s so me :) …Second reason there are too many things happening at the same time..They make me think…yes I am capable of doing so x-(...Thirdly...My blog badly needs a new post...eeks! its getting dusty here…So here I am.

First of all A very happy B’day to my little, mighty, thinny, sweetu, intello Bro..

(he is the one in the rusty red shirt)
Live long and thoda gussa kam kariyo iss saal..pata hai kya..you became an adult..:D :D lolz…you are 18..still 2 young 4 me to believe..

Second and probably the most important thing I am going to speak about is about the people who think they are the BOSS! I so wanted to write about it from long but then was too afraid to do that…I am still confused whether I am brave enough...but I just want to write and get it done...I know Dhir is gonna like this..

Some people who think they have a little power in their hands think others’ life belongs to them. Life tak ki baat hoti tab bhi shayad I would have not been this angry and frustrated...but then you want someone to surrender their dignity before you…what you think you are...that’s just not acceptable...You have to understand that if you are surviving its only because someone else is putting his/her heart and soul in your work...You can step on their heads and climb to the highest possible peaks….but don’t torture them to an extent that they remove their head underneath your feet...and you come down tumbling and falling upside-down..Remember world is round and what you give comes back to you..

Worst is that all those who call themselves professionals and are practicing so called “professionalism” have not even a hint of the meaning of the word….you may have education..but you are an empty head sans knowledge…you may have tailored suits but no conscience inside to wear..you are a father to 18 years old girl and you make your employee’s life miserable..what kind of human you are…stray dogs have standard before you…wish I could stand before you and speak to you..but maybe I am just too afraid of your character to have the courage ..but certainly you have proved that it’s a man’s world…and being a woman is a challenge….i am lucky not to have encountered such a situation..but I pity those whom you have eyed…you are all the symbols known to the people of Roadies, Splitsvilla, Emotional Atyachaar etc….

Deep breath..!!

That’s one thing which was troubling me from many days..more I think more it troubles..if it could happen to your friend/colleague/ neighbor, imagine how close it was to happen to you…get Goosebumps whenever think of it…

Anyways, the main purpose of this post is to tell that I might not be blogging for the coming 3 months..I have exams in May and have literally got the one and only chance to give my best…have absolutely no reason to give to my temptations this time…Just pray friends that I am able to make it..Rest I know Allah is all kind to make happen what should suppose to be happening in my best of best interest :)

And yeah! Forgot to tell lately I have been all smiles..thats after I got hospitalized for one week..sick viral fever..I am underweight….though weigh more than Kareena..but underweight…anyways happiness has got nothing to do with my hospitalization..that was just an update…I am happy because some sweet people are making it so for me :)…lately I have started getting those chubby cheeks back..lets see if its because of that magical curve which sets things right :)