Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Journey, A Blessing - Hijab


This is the time (belated) for my favorite topic and newest passion – My hijab. This is not the only thing which I love, possess, or respect but it’s the thing which gives me freedom, sets me carefree, and make me more confident.

These were my words when I wrote the most commented post of my blog Celebrating Six months of Hijab, Alhamdulillah :) It felt great. I could feel the bliss, the pleasure of knowing you are the one chosen to be under hidayah. It was great and so it is today also; I have completed my FULL ONE YEAR OF HIJAB…successfully..Alhamdulillah…

Don’t take me wrong when I say successfully, it’s not said referring any race or any challenge. I feel successful coz I was able to get away with the temptation of being unhijabified every time given how conscious I am about presentations. It was pretty hard to tolerate people making nasty comments on how hijab degraded my looks. Eeks!

I still remember the day I decided to live with hijab, it was sudden, purely unbelievable, I think that’s what you call inspiration. It comes so that you may never know when it has already taken you into its grip. It was amazing and so it is today. It feels so special that it can hardly be expressed in words.

Though the moment was amazing, others dint forget to make hijab a big issue, bigger than Obama winning the peace prize with equally shocked looks on their faces! Is a piece of cloth so disturbing to you people? Can I ask you (these types of people) to simply go and dig a life out for yourselves?

Kher, an eventful journey it was. There was good and bad and some people tried branding it ugly as well, but it was the greatest gift for me from God. In a book called Fundamental of Islam I read Knowledge is the greatest of gifts God has bestowed to humans and I can only go on agreeing more and more with the statement. Hijab has been a source of knowledge, a source to know a lot of thing for me. I can only pray that it continues to be.

So, come join the celebration with me :)


Anonymous said...

:))) YAY!! Alhamdulillah!

Arv said...

Happy New Year mate :)

Yayathy said...

Congrats Gul.
Thangalin irai bakthiay kandu viyandean.


Anonymous said...

@nusrath/... :D tahnks dearie

@Arv...have a blessed year frnd :)

Anonymous said...


thanks for congratulating me.. but i cudn follow the tamil part :@
u know mea north indian in a wrong state :@

Shimmer said...

ahan, you just started a yr back eh? masha allah :)
its a lovely way of dressing isnt it :D:D
once you start.. you can stop ;)

Jaqq said...

it motivational..if i were a woman ..i would sport hijab by today..the link is forwarded to my beloved wife:))
thanks ton :)Allah bless you

Anonymous said... true...i am now buying hijabs with the last penny left in my purse too :D

its too lovely to believe

Anonymous said...

@Jaqq...thanks brother....thanks for the comment..i am so awed to see someone getting inspired..think it is the bestest comment so far :)

Yayathy said...

I am happy on seeing your dedication to god