Saturday, January 9, 2010

Watchout for JaimyLiz

All the world is writing and as if it was not enough the new saviour-of-the-world, pronunciation-expert, that’s-out-of-fashion-commenter, miss. Perfectionist has decided to give me a run for my followers. The girl-just-so-not-next-door and perhaps the perfect living human being (or how she likes to call her as) has gifted the blogging world her gracious presence. Beware people. Jaimy is blogging @ JaimyLiz.

She is a dear friend and perhaps the bestest of bestest critics. Honest to the core (so much that at times u just hope she lies). A great friend in need and when you don’t need. Guidance you ask and a new world of opportunity she shows. A creative mind directed by and dedicated to God. At times she is too emotional and at the other hand she is just so brave. We were just mirror to each other until I got matured and she chose to remain the same :P.

One thing I can assure you is that if u chose to follow her blog you ll be shaken or rather challenged at your beliefs, your style quotient, your sense of humour and everything which she chose to write about. She is one right person in one wrong profession. Chartered Accountancy needs her brain but Law is where she could have used her real talent- debating. Her thoughts are simple and very straight forward- this is so and so it is. Simple and Final.

There is a lot ot know about her but this is no testimonial just a simple introduction. But still why am I writing thesis on her is only coz I love her and am sure you will like her too (and also because she wrote about me so I had to return the favour :P ) Don’t forget to check out her blog.

P.S. Jaims I wrote what you wanted me to write…ab to I can wear mera jhinga lala wala dress..pls :(


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