Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Law of Procrastination

So it’s been like a week since I am thinking of writing a post on my blog…you know just to make sure that this place doesn’t die out like all my other interests…seriously...I am something like the most promising procrastinator.."no matter what I start..from where I start..I am bound to leave it halfway without completing the same until and unless an external force (read : life and death situation) is applied therein"..and also coz I had nothing to talk about..anyways coming back to the topic (which I just accidentally chose)..The Law of Procrastination.

This law of procrastination applies rather has continued to be applicable on all the things I have ever touched from the day of my arrival on this once beautiful earth..i learned to walk when I was of some 15 months (that’s late as per my mom’s standard) and spoke a proper sentence when I was nearing the age of two..though I never stopped after that..

I believe the reason I skipped my LKG and UKG was because of my adherence to this law subconsciously.. needless to say that I was always the last person to do assignments and studied the night before the exam (still do)..

Once I was left on my own I was the last to reach for the bus and so was mostly recognized as the-girl-who-makes-the-conductor-grumble-early-morning or simply the-girl-who-runs-behind-the-bus-till-school-gate.. And now when I have a little extra pocket money and literally no time on hand to spend, I just catch an auto to work and end up paying the auto wala munh maangi keemat on the face of non-working-chennai-auto-meters.. later on that..

Now when I am thinking of it I think I joined CA under the effects of the same law…I was too lazy to read all those college brochures, or attend some career counseling sessions or go through those painfully simple looking sites that I took whatever came on my way.. partially because of this and partially because now its easier to say that I was not the one who chose this for me.. Notwithstanding however absurd or stupid it may sound..

Moving on..fast forward skipping the most cruel 3 years of articleship one can imagine to undergo…present day…shucks I have an audit report to complete..and I can’t start it..not even think of starting it…simply because FIRST its all a long repetitive work and the more the work gives me the feeling of déjà vu..the more I postpone it..

SECOND no matter however lazy I may be..I have a distinct style of my own..you guessed it right, just like everyone else.. and am simply not a Ctrl+X Ctrl+Y Ctrl+V person.. (are the shortcuts correct?? I am so a right click person) so much that even if you show me an answer in the exam hall I won’t copy it..khuddari you know (and also because I don’t trust your geniuses) ..so I guess it’s going to lie there all neat, clean and untouched till my boss is back…or till we lose the client.. Whatever happens earlier..All thanks to the law of procrastination which hangs to my neck like an Albatross..

One may think how the law only applies to the field of academics.. Absolute nonsense unlike all other hyped laws this one is fully completely universal..and applies to every individual with a variance of ±5 on all life’s situation.. for example I eat my lunch only at 4 and sleep till 12..a.m /p.m doesn’t matter..and am not just talking about Sundays.. don’t ask me how.. and I am always the last person to reach a gathering… the more important it is the more late I will be.. People often show me a face for it while I shamelessly recite the song “Main der karta nahi der ho jaati hai” (ironically from the film Heena)..

You see my friends, unlike those lucky believers of astrology, I have only the law to blame.. and this was a small account on how the Law of Procrastination governs one’s life..For more such nonsense by-heart my blog address..

**Breaking News : Sources has revealed that deeper researches suggest that those 2% people who clear their CA in one go may be considered exempt from any said effects of this law..you see its not for the hardworkers..it’s for the smart ones.. someone who dare to manage a lifetime’s work in a few hours ..often in seconds..if its dressing up for a movie..


Ilyas Kazi said...

Hey.. you are same as I was before... Procrastinator. But I hv changed myself much... following my time-table strictly.

Saim said...

Great read, good to see that this space has breaths left in it.

And I so know this law, am a willing and proud practitioner myself:)

Btw, shortcuts are all incorrect:D

What happened to the audit report?

●๋•guℓѕнαn●๋•™ said...

@ Ilyas well me waiting for the day when ills of procrastination (if any) will finally dawn on me :P

@ Saim... shucks i knew something is wrong...but as the post say..i was too lazy to chck em out :P

And this space ll be very well alive till my last birth ;) :P

i am still doing the audit report :P dekho aaj ho jani chahiye :P

Anonymous said...

Nice post, kind of drawn out though. Really good subject matter though.

Yayathy said...

Same pinch Gul.


Fahad said...

I was just about to leave my work but after reading your article i gonna start it thankyou :)