Monday, May 10, 2010

The start of 20th Paragraph..

My God! It has been more than two months since I wrote a post here...So many things happened the WRB, the Hockey team (Yes! I was excited about it), the Modi-Tharoor Controversy, the Cheerleaders and the usual extreme up and downs of my life…still I was unable to gather my thoughts at one place to give them shape of a post.

Now when I look at my watch its around 3 in the morning…it’s one of those nights I stayed awake until the wee hours of morning during the so called study holidays…seriously, whoever invented the idea of these study holidays must have been an introvert or an antisocial, anti-fun person or just plain weak in vocabulary…afterall what do holidays have to do with studies??? Holidays by nature are ex-studies..(God! My accounts taking over my vocab now) then how can you term this boring period of excessive pressure as holidays?? Kher, Whatever, many things in this world are better left untouched.

So, its clear that am supposed to be studying now but obviously am bored to death and so I thought I shall grace my blog by my presence, well post-dated presence :D :D..this post is supposed to mark the successful completion of my 20th trip around the sun…Yes! My Friends, I finally leave my teenage to enter into this scary age of what they call, responsibility..not that responsibility leaves you at any stage of life..but I have always seen the end of teens as the beginning of responsibility’s lecture by anyone and everyone who is free for the day..

heee..heee...heee... :D :D 

At times it makes me wonder if we are ever allowed to do something new? I totally agree with importance of age and experience, but creativity has to come from something new, something free..The youths must be allowed to imagine, dream, invent and explore..until and unless we step out from the past, we really can’t design the future..and creativity is like water…if you let it flow, it will go on enriching the surroundings until it reaches its goal..but if you keep it will attract flies and mosquitoes..The choice is always yours!

Filhaal, the choice is definitely not mine, today is supposed to be my birthday and I am writing exam at this time (Only if I am not dead by today!)..Imagine writing exam on your birthday :( :( that also of Costing.. God! did you choose this day out of purpose :( :( .. or is it always keeps on searching ways to make students’ life withdrawing transfer rules for article assistants… it’s a total slavery you deaf ICAI. ..SLAVERY!

Anyways I should get back to studies…morning is soon to be here..and it’s only in nights that I can study..(I know what you are thinking! But I still eat veggies and no blood :P)..days are meant to sleep..they anyways are full of distraction and people :/...Anyways friends take care…may be one day I ll be able to get back to proper blogging (that reminds me that i am supposed to change the name of this blog..only if i ll get time..Sigh!) and minimum rambling :P till then, Allah hafiz :)

P.S. If you have forgotten to shop for my B'day Gift! You still have time..rush to your nearest gift store until stock lasts :D :D


Ms.Meduri said...

nice one dear...the post has been simple and sweet...nice come back..!

fatin said...

walaikum enter the 20th yr of age....finally u r done wid ur teen age :PPP.....ab bakwaas thodi kam hojayegi :DDDDD......its sad to hear dat u had to work so hard even on ur birthday....but be sure...hardwork never goes pays sooner or one form or the other...all the best for the papers....ur work ends after giving the papers....have faith in Almighty ....He is the best judge of all our efforts...n He rewards us in the best ways

kher....all this was ur paper....n when is the party after exams....m i invited ??:PPP....ya bin bulaye aajaun :DDD

●๋•guℓѕнαn●๋•™ said...

@Ms. Meduri

Thanks :) well i was just to fill the gap..dunno when i ll b returning properly here :(

miss ma bloggy :(

Yayathy said...

Loved your blog Gul, You have hit the nail on its head, 20's are surely not like the teens. Still you could enjoy your 20's mate.
Waiting to see you back in action.

Belated Birthday Wishes Gul