Sunday, March 15, 2009

Egg-jam fever needs sacrifice :(

“CA needs your tears, sweat and blood”. These are the words of a well known teacher of accounts, a CA, an ICWA and an ACS, all in one. Though I never had an opportunity to study from him, still I respect his words a lot, thanks to the Accounts-God like status assigned to him by other students.

I can’t cut myself, or stand in heat or cry over my poor(est) preparation (ever), so I have thought limiting my mind till studies only [of course sans a few exception ;)]. I am NOT blogging till next 3 months :’( :’(. I think this is what he meant by his words also.

I know this looks like impossible given my obsession with penning down something or the other every time. But I shall stay strict on my schedule. Shall just study and pray. Though I will MISS MISS and MISS my blog a lot :’(, but there is no better way.

Hopefully this strictness and sacrifice will pay me as a “Pass” result in the upcoming exam.
I will miss everyone connected to the blog too, a lot (and guys do miss me too :P ).

Wish me Luck and Stay blessed. :)


Dhir said...

i will miss talking to you :(
already missing you :(:(

Anonymous said...

Ill miss u 2 :(
but dont worry as soon as teh exam gets over...we ll go to ccd to celebrate my belated b'day...:D
tum na bhi nahi kar paoge :P :P

Dhir said...

isshhh emotional blackmail :O
Till i wait for U
I will listen to U2
All the Very Best :p

comfortably numb said...

sweat n blood n tears...yes, those r important ingredients for success in eggjams:D
lotsa luck for them:), the previous post too...super stuff, satirical n sarcastic, I hope it opens a few eyes!!!

yamini meduri said...

Hello Gulshan have a wonderful blog...l;oved it..!!!

All the best for your xams.....good wishes..!!!

Iti said...


All the very Best
I'm sure you'll make it, champ :)

Give us a great result to compensate for the days we'll have to miss you

Dhir said...

EGG-jam fever needs to compromise for a chicken. If we'd wait long enough the egg would turn in a chicken dish!!!

Musab said...

i like ur spirit and passion
keep it high all d time
best of luck