Friday, March 6, 2009

My new Love ::Limerick::

So again, it’s proved that my mind can’t be stable for long. Some chemical locha will happen and I ll be fully in that…Study is seriously a great booster for it..If not for them I would have not thought of winding up my time (whatever I get :(, in something creative and good thing like them all…just love them…)

Before even I managed to get out of it see I am trap in another (actually 2 of another)…One is Limerick, a kind of poetry cracked by Edward Lear. Here goes the rule for it.

1. It is five lines, single stanza poetry.

2. The syllable structure goes like this 9-9-6-6-9

3. Unlike haiku, rhyming here plays a great part. The first, second and fifth line should rhyme with another and third and fourth lines have a separate rhyming.

4. The first line should end up with a place’s name. (something really important)

5. It is supposed to be FUNNY (challenging!!).

So, if you are fed up with me on this experimental poetry writing drive, you can blame this on Ram. He introduced me to this one. Here goes his first Limerick, which is (purposely) dedicated to me :

I met a smart rabbit in Madras

With a special aura so wondrous
And with red hot temper
And Very horrifying anger
Still she is royal as a Heiress

And here is something from me :

“Relations on a virtual space
Are not stable, and often lack grace”
Those who say this and feel
Are they from real or reel?
Call them here, let them feel the embrace

*This is not actual Limerick, as it lacks the funny thing in it, but still just gave it a shot, for sake of it..

This is in response to a Limerick posted by TAN

Tan's Limerick

A bald old man from Delhi
Had the most voluminous belly
In Chandni Chawk
He flutters like a hawk
All know him as Mr. Smelly

My Limerick (continuation)

Of crowded and fast paced Delhi
From which ever road passed Mr. Smelly
The way he used to walk
All Children used to mock
But he didn’t care and ate more jelly

Now this is of course better..anyone continuing??

**And ya i wrote about two arts..the other is funny and just plain to enjoy..ll be posting it soon.

Stay Blessed and NJOY !!!!!


Dhir said...

The fatty wanted to tour the world
To taste the every possible bread
He'd give everything a try
Pizza, tortillas and even French fry
Lets see what are his plans ahead

Anonymous said...

:D :D :D good one dear...ur poetic creativity is too goes to me to make it public here :D :)

but ur English teacher ll love to have a class with u on syllable its 9-9-6-6-9..

but i don care that was a fantastic read and it was anyways 9-9-something- something i gv u 9.99/10 cheers :)

Dhir said...

thanks gul. this was the first time i gave any bald, fat man so much of attention.

btw this poem is written in hinglish and the syllables change when read in english 8)

Anonymous said...

ahm..hinglish..and where is the hinglish..i ca see only english here :O

and by the way..fat ppl aren ugly x-(

Anonymous said...

but must say was a good laugh :D :P

Dhir said...

arrey baba hinglish is spoken, not written. you must have had bonglish experience??

ang ugly ka question kahan se aa gaya?? mein toh angelina ko bhi raaste mein dekh ke bhav nahin dunga :P