Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Little drops of happiness, Little grains of shock, Makes a wonderful day and a Happy me :)

It always feels great when you talk to one of your very good friend after a long gap. Well, yesterday night I happened to find one of my friend online, who I thought has forgotten this poor me. :( All this while, I was wondering how can Shailu just make a single call and think he has done his part of remembrance. :( How can he forget me in just one month break, away from city? :( Has he stopped caring for me? :( Is he too happy not to check on me? :( All these questions made me feel bad and go mad. I wanted to contact him, but stupid me, I dint save his landline number and was left with no contact number of his. At all. His cell was switched off so the last lifeline was cut too. But as life is, we both got busy. He in studying and me …well let’s leave this. :P

We did chat for some 20 minutes only, which was filled with complaints, from my side :D . But what made me feel good in fact comforted me was the fact that he too did missed me. :) And the most heartwarming thing he told me was that he missed me so much that once he typed my name in Google and happened to hit on my blog. And I was here thinking who does visits my blog from Bhubneshwar. So the visit to blog is not important here (oh please don’t think so), the most important and dear thing to me is that my friend did remember me. He did miss me as much I did. In fact, a step ahead, he typed my name on Google. :D :D :D Now, come on who does that. Oh Shailu you are such a sweet friend. Believe me all the while I talked to you, I felt so good that my vocabulary is limited to define that feeling. I miss bugging you with all my silly talks and duniya bhar ki problems. :P.

Now, the crazy me, I did the same thing which Shailu did, I typed my name on Google to find out on what all things did Shailu happened to hit, while searching for my name. And here is what
I found at, a review on my blog:

" My Innocent Paradise - on Web
OK let me just explain, why I have added two words in the end " On Web" because I firmly believe in real world Paradise can on only be dreamt of. Getting back to tales from Paradise, well for me its really like a WonderLand ( so true just read that poem) .

No, these are not fictious but as Heena Kausher Ansari , says that Strange is the world…Strange is God and Strange are His ways..Strange are the people and so strange are their works…So if you are looking in this post to know the reason why I have created this blog…The reason is to find my place in so known yet strange world…

Well I was rather impressed by her, the way she has put her point across, its really pure or paak ( well I know many don't know what paak is, I too just googled it and found it means totally pure in Islam or Arabic language).

Well, is a site where we submit our site for free and the author of the blog writes review of ours. I did submit my site when I started my blog and soon forgot about it thinking who will care to write a review for my blog. But, I must say I was shocked seeing this and just wanted to share with you all. It’s kind of a little happiness, well two little happiness happening at the same time :). I would have not written it here had I found it though plain searching, but as I said because it happened through a friend, I really felt excited and amazed. Little things at times make your day.

And ya its No advertising. Just plain info. ;)
Wanted to share with you all. :)


Vyazz said...

Thnx 4 the info on the blog reviews. Always wanted to get my blog reviewed.

Anonymous said...

go ahead..but mind you..she is strict ;)

shailu said...

Bas itna keh sakta hoon ki I have the best friend ever who always wants me and always tries to make me happy. Thanks "My Dear Heena" for such a nice blog.