Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Haiku...am loving it..

Just two days and it feels like a century (theory of relativity :P )…oh my lovely lovely blog..I missed you a lot.. :(…never mind …I am back with a bang :D…Err HAIKU…ma new found love..oh pls..its not a chin-chaw guy’s name or so…it’s a chin chaw poetry though :P :P …to be precise it’s a Japanese form of poetry…and I am in love with it…(now you got it where was I missing ;)

Though I knew about haiku long back but read about it fully in Writer’s Lounge…another new love :D (Hope these don’t cost me given my exam due in next 3 months)...So what is actually Haiku??

A haiku is basically a 5-7-5 syllable something poetry...or say lines..coz they don’t rhyme, and seldom contain any of the poetic devices, it’s simple presentation of a thing, moment or person. One more quality of Haiku is Kigo, a seasonal word, as Haiku is traditionally based on nature, and the use of Kigo is somewhat customary.

Ugggggghhhhh…I am bad at explaining technical stuff...Read it on WL...and give the credit ( or debit :D) to Pretty Prats.

Restless and overexcited me..I tried my hands..Rather brains on Haiku too...First posted it on WL..and blame it on the damn good comments I got there that I am posting it in blog too…:)

Moving round in circle

Winter, summer, rain, autumn

-Nature on its class...

Well it took me some 10 minutes while engaging the other half of my brain in Ram’s silly conversation ;)..I must admit that I hate rules...But as exception dons over everything...I think I can have Haiku’s as exception. Some lovely points about Haiku...

1. It taught me the correct concept of Syllable ( :P literally, I knew what it was, but that was just for exams, it taught me the use of syllables…Yay!!)

2. I love nature and it somehow compliments my interest.

3. It’s exam friendly...No not English grammar or literature exams...Ma CA exams...I have to prepare for them…and hardly have any time left…sand is running down…HELP..In this case Haiku covers the least part of my time and is a boon for my craving to write something every other second (well, Li will love it, I am sure ;).

4. It gives a little rest to my injured index finger (sob, sob) I got hurt with safety pin on the same finger twice on two consecutive day *crying*, it hardly involves itself in typing :( :( ..Which is bad…really bad and painful :( :(

5. And i am in love with it...tops all B-)..

So till the next experiment of mine on Haiku…Stay tuned...Stay Blessed.

Allah Hafiz. :)


Dhir said...

Will the damn good comments really spoil you or shall i write one??

Dhir said...

Waise i don't think you can be spoilt with praises, you must be in habit of getting it very often by now. and this was really nice one. Moving in circle reminds in of the word sifar i,e., everything comes back to where it is or back to you.

Anonymous said...

:D :D ..if i m arent spoiled...u ll surely do dat :P :P lol...wondering where you heard sifar??..but ya the cycles goes on - universal truth

Dhir said...

it won't be so difficult for you to guess where do i get these words or phrases.
sifar is lucky's second album :)

Iti said...

Nice. You really must try more of it.

And yea....great pic to go with your Haiku.

Anonymous said...

Thansk iti....i must say i ll mess up my blog wid haiku's ..thanks to u guys comment..:P..but glad u liked it..:)

Dhir said...

sirf 6 comments so far!!! here comes the 7th :D

Dhir said...

anyways arz hai
no one's here at this juncture
just tubelight, fan and a computer
if it stays the same, my unit test marks will be very lame :D

Anonymous said...

lol...dat was sweet dhir...specially the student essence of it..man am so much proud of u ...and did i mention that i don't care about how much syllable it had...well i don't ....

appreciate ur work :)

Dhir said...

thank you gul thank you :D
just hope the japanese also appreciate this.


Anonymous said...

ye kya ...tumhre PC ki ink pe se chinti chali gayi..aur nishaan chod gayi paun k :P

Dhir said...

sharabi cheenti :P
waise it means "sorry if i hurt you"