Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Dear Friend

by Brandon Chase Sims

Dear friend I can’t explain to you
How much you mean to me
If it weren’t for you I can’t imagine
Where I’d even be

You’ve made me laugh and smile
More than I can bear
You’ve helped me through the hardest times
When I was in despair

You kept me up when I was down
And I was feeling blue
You helped me turn my life around
And become somebody new

Thank you friend for everything
I’m glad you really cared
Thanks for never leaving me
Thanks for being there

*This is dedicated to two of my loveliest friend, one miles and miles away and the other relatively closer, who have made my world wonderful by their care, advice and love. :)


Nadeem Ahmed 'Kavish' said...

Hmmmm Nice

Mr. Mcphisto said...

hey gul really nice to read this. you are a source of inspiration and courage for me also. and whenever you need something you won't be denied cause you'd well deserve it for the charm and enthusiasm you spread around.
stay blessed :)

Anonymous said...

it do not happens practically

bichde hue said...

yes u r right this is just a poem copied , it do not happens in practical life,

Anonymous said...

Hey anonymous and bichde hue..
well i would like 2 clear that it does do find real and lovely all part of your life..but i am more happy because i found both of my friend whom i know will be there for whole life...(inshaallah)

I have shouted, complained and yelled at them when i felt down, but i love them both for in spite of being so mature, have handled my immature, kiddish and demanding behavior so perfectly. They hardly pampered me, but have encouraged, corrected and advised at every time while giving space for my own decision (never forced theirs on mine).

I don't share the same interest, hobbies, ideologies, lifestyle as both of them, but still i am always myself before them. From small happiness to big disasters i know they are always there to share, whether theirs or mine.

It's no doubt a poem copied, thats why i din't delete the writer's name ;) , but if i would have written, it would had the same thing. Just saw this and thought of dedicating it to both of them. They are my friends, mentors and guides at the same time ;) :)

for you both i would like 2 say that wait, life will bestow some wonderful people in your account.Mr. Mcphisto and i met after a good gap of 12 years (last was in 2nd class) without any contacts, but neither of us forgot each other or had any difficulty to gel along even after growing up totally different, but not apart ;).

Mr. Mcphisto said...

@@ it do not happens practically

yeah grapes can be sour ;) hope someday you know how grape juice tastes. and if nourished properly that juice turns into sweetest and also expensive wine :)

@yes u r right this is just a poem copied
damn you are so smart!!! you saw the authors name to realize this is copied poem. but thre is also small note there which values alot and there are glorious moments shared and ideas exhanged, which you can't see but only be cynical about it.

Muhammad Shahanshah Ansari said...

Hey Heena...

It's nice to see this blog in action which u were planning for d last couple of days. Congratulations!!

Sorry for not posting any comments since its inception as u know I was really tied up with project go live work.

Really great to read all of ur posts and comments. You have done a marvelous work. sharpen ur pen by writing some thought provoking articles on ur blog as well.

Looking forward for more posts. I must say it's really nice to read all of ur friends on this blog.

Why there is a need to hide urself and post as anonymous. Come on... don't be real...

Bye till i get another chance to post on this blog.... hehehehe