Friday, February 27, 2009

Kids are innocnet..*debatable*

“Children are unpredictable. You never know what inconsistency they're going to catch you in next.”

Well who ever cracked the quote probably new someone as extreme, versatile, unsteady, moody, innovative and innocent as my little sister Fiza. She is 8. She is a darling, a sweet heart and a pain in the neck (most of the times). But I can’t resist myself from admitting that she has a world of her own in which she is the Queen, a theory to prove all other existing theories wrong, a Newton in herself (only that we have to find an apple to drop on her head…ouch), a philosopher and the list goes on.

At times I wonder which type of “chemical locha” goes on in her mind that results in some of the greatest advices and immortal quotes to propound.

Here’s a piece of conversation which happened 2-3 weeks ago between her and me..

Fiza : Aapa ek baat puchu.n

Me: Pucho..

Fiza : Pehle bol..tu sharmayegi to nahi

(What..I wanted to laugh loud, wondering at the same time what is she going to ask next, I must confess I went red there itself and hid myself (acting) in pillow.)

Fiza : (irritated) main nahi puchungi..tu to Sharma gayi

Me : (controlling ma laughter) nahi pucho..main nahi sharmaungi

Fiza : (very innocently) tu jisse shaadi karegi, tune wo ladka khoj liya hai kya

( did she knew that I was on the search for the perfect I was amazed because this topic is not normally taken up in my home, my mom and dad hardly searching for a guy..*sigh*)

Me : (amazed, confused, blushing and smiling) Nahi, tum batao kaisa ladka hona chahiye

(Well I must admit, I regret asking this to her, I wanted her to stop this debate, for reason unknown, but what happened was the total reverse to it)

Fiza: Tuna jisse shaadi karna ..wo na gora hona chahiye

(:P..fairness-creams-for-men-advertisement syndrome)

Me : par teri aapa (that is me ) to sanwali hai

Fiza : haan, par ek ko to gora hona chahiye

(ohhhhhhhh kkkkkkkk…so she was aware of the genes concept and dint wanted her nephews and niece to be of my color…what else is this girl holding to blast me with..)

Me: aur …bas gora hoga to kar lun shadi

Fiza : nahi…sirf gora hone se kaam nahi chalega na aapa…wo lamba bhi hona chahiye…shailendra bhaiyya se bhi lamba

(common…I am not that tall..just average and shailendra is already 6.2 or 6.3 …well taller.. really taller than me..I already look like a kid before him..But more surprising was..this girl too has a fascination for tall a teenager reminder : she is just

Me : (ofcourse now damn curious) aur?

Fiza : aur na uske paas bahut paisa hona chahiye

( :D :D :D girl..Do u think your sister is a princess that she is going to get a Prince??..Remarkable sense of financial security this the CA effect??)

Me: Par zyaada paisa hoga to wo uske paas mujhse pyaar karne ka time nahi hoga

(I was sure she would not be able to answer this..I mean..whatever it is ..she is still a child..she doesn’t know the complexity of adults’ world..or is it debatable??)

Fiza : are zyaada paisa hoga to wo boss ki nahi sunega wo kabhi bhi ghar aa jayega..samjhi

(*mouth wide open* this gal has made me speechless)

Aur na uska ghar bahut bada hona chahiye aur chamakna chahiye

(:P tell me kiddo..did you just saw any of Barbie or Anesthesia or so a Disney movie?? This don’t happen in real..prince..palace..marble..ya she meant marbles probably when she said “ghar chamakna chahiye” )

Me : (now in a lighter mood) par ghar chamkega to teri aapa fisal jaayegi

Fiza : nahi na wo kaanch wale jute hote haina..usse nahi fisalte..maine dekha hai TV pe..

(Sweetheart..thats TV..Ekta and Disney has corrupted this little girl’s mind *tch tch*)

Me : (exhausted with this little girl’s checklist) aur bas na?

Fiza : nahi uske ghar me bahut bahut saare log hone chahiye..aur who na jeans aur t-shirt pahanna chahiye…aur uski daadhi nahi honi chahiye..

( OK I love families..but bahut bahut saare log..This is too much..I have always lived in a nuclear will I adjust?? Allah!! And t-shirts and jeans and beard..SRK fan no doubt:D :P…
P.S. I dont mind him wearing anything as far as he is neat and carries himself well)

She was chuckling after that…and even if she was speaking something I don’t think so I heard lot of it..I mean I was confused by that time, thinking on her checklist for the perfect guy. So many criteria’s, if I go up with that, I will end up marrying 5-6 guys (I bet all qualities are impossible to be found in a single guy, and even if so a guy exist, why will he marry me??). And if I decide to introduce her to a guy of my liking, will she ever accept him??

I am still wondering from where did she get this “gyan” of the perfect guy?? Who is to be blamed?? Friends, T.V., Movies, School, Parents and us?? Who?? Does she realize the depth of the topic she is speaking on??

On a serious note, marriage for me is more a relationship and ease shared by two people, it has to be build on the principle of mutual trust and belief, it’s like a bond you share with your blood related close family members, only that this time you are under the paak nikah (and related to each other by God’s will).

I don’t want my guy to be rich, fair, tall , with a big house with marble flooring, but certainly I want him to love me, to grant me my space and adore me for the person I am. Typical beauty contest answer, I know. But I bet this is what in long run will benefit you. You can’t have a relationship build on a concept as weak, mortal and ageing as beauty, money or fame. What will matter will of course be the “love”. And that what tops my checklist first, then follows our chemistry, mutual respect, financial independency and blah blah.

On the other hand if I get a mix of both the checklist ( Fiza’s and mine ) I just don’t mind. Anyone ??? :P :D :D


Mr. Mcphisto said...

oh girls you demand so much!!!
i just need tall, blonde and dumb girl with electric eye and inductive smile :P

Muhammad Shahanshah Ansari said...

awesome...this is ultimate example of innocence....

So cute Fizuuuuu.....

Hmmmmmm...Good to read ur theory of Happy Marriage .... :D:D

Anonymous said...

:O..and you say we demand much.ahm..hard to digest :D :P

Anonymous said...

@ shahanshah

ya sure...if only you get a partner or yourself fit into the "perfect partner" checklist of Fizu..
Best of Luck :P

Mr. Mcphisto said...

hum me se sirf ek ne apne marriege ki theory bayan ni ki abhi tak.

Muhammad Shahanshah Ansari said...

If i go by Fizu chk list...den...mai to kuwara hi mar jaoga.... :D :D


"are zyaada paisa hoga to wo boss ki nahi sunega wo kabhi bhi ghar aa jayega..samjhi"


fatin said...

hahhahahhaa........too gud checklist fizu......aapi ko mr. perfect jald hi milega....inshallah :P

Anonymous said...

@Mr. more specific na

@shahanshah..Fizu's checklist will only be used after 12-14 yrs...don worry...Hopefully girls would be thinking differently now..start your search early :P :D

@ neer..u got the right vein..dint u...

fatin said...

fizu's checklist is 4her api.....soo its ready 2 use now only dear.....

Muhammad Shahanshah Ansari said...

"On the other hand if I get a mix of both the checklist ( Fiza’s and mine ) I just don’t mind."

Ahannnnnnn... But people here will mind.... :D :P

Anonymous said...

@ fatin and shahanshah

well i think i better stop replying...tum log to mere hi peeche pad gaye :P..
thank god its Fizu's list and i have right to differ and i will consider my freind's opinion on my life partner :P :D

fatin said...

hahhahahah........shanu bhai......sahi ja rahe ho....waise lets think abt checklist 4d perfect girl.......kaali....matwaali....kamwali se zyada xpert......etc :P

Anonymous said...

@ fatin...

common dear ..u guys deserve beter than kaali, kaam waali and matwaali, don't under estimate yourself..:D :P

Muhammad Shahanshah Ansari said...

@ Fiza : haan, par ek ko to gora hona chahiye

Fizu is great here.....Kitna khayal hai na apni aapi ka... :D :D

Anonymous said...

thank God that Fiza is too small to understand the concept of blogging...else was dead for sure :P

Mr. Mcphisto said...

^^^ :D. i can help fizu read this like the pictorial poems :P

@Ahannnnnnn... But people here will mind
kise problem hogi?? :D

Iti said...

Looks like Fiza won't need suggestions in her future from another little Fiza :)

kunal said...

Nice post :)
and your demands for the guy is quite genuine..
hope u get it soon.
God Bless u..