Thursday, July 9, 2009

If you are happy..CLAP YOUR HANDS :D

I am extreeeeeeaammlllllllyyyyy happy today..the extent of the word “extreme” can’t define my happiness...I don’t’ know if it’s a mood swing…I don’t care if it is one…it’s a refreshing change though..A welcome one…

After full one week of sheer depression and my negative side overpowering my positive one…it is really like the first rain in Chennai in this scorching heat….I was so into depression that I might have done something to myself…I was crying..and crying….and crying..and just wanted to go to Allah to find peace…

But I think instead of that…Allah chose to come to me …and that has resulted in this Happiness…

I really don’t know what’s the reason but I am happy..All day long I was happy…not even a single thought of depression..not a single reason of sadness touched me…It was all the happy, cheery merry vibes touching me …and I was so much into it…I am really loving it :)

I never wanted to write this here …but blog surely deserve it…I mean I tortured my colleagues, friends, mom..even Fizu with this sudden happiness and still I have so much left that I am passing it to my paradise…so that it can reach u all guys… :) :)

People get up from your comfy and not so comfy chairs and sing with me…

If you are happy and you know it


If you are happy and you know it


If you are happy and you know it then your face will surely show it

If you are happy and you know it


*claps claps* :D :D :D

I know ..kinda strange and sudden mood swing…but I just can’t tell you how welcomed it is…

So much that Li took videos of me cracking silliest joke on earth, jumping around in happiness and making weird faces…I even made the hutch dog one face ..*awwwwwwww choooo cute*..

Sangy and others were totally shocked..can’t say if the vibe touched them..they were shocked more than happy :D All those who spoke to me on phone or did chat with me (shanu, saim, angel..) all were shocked…and awesome-ly happy….

Yup AWESOME-LY is a word…as in Awesome-ly wonderful :)

I even told world about it ..

Not only this

I got to know that Brillianto and superbo are words too :D (Courtesy: Saim)

Mom is sick of me singing songs in the highest pitch I can, and jumping around like a rabbit :D …I even taught Fizu that when she make “zid” (that is if when she gets stubborn) regarding a specific thing..she should not only repeat it thrice but should also tap her feet on earth thrice :D :D like I was doing…

Mujhe purse chahiye

Mujhe purse chahiye

Mujhe purse chahiye

She repeated:

Mujhe top chahiye

Mujhe top chahiye

Mujhe top chahiye

(taps her feet as she says ) :D:D

See…she learns fast ..:D :D

Dad was wondering who is younger…19 year old me …or soon to be 8 year old she :D :D

Summary of the story is that I AM HAPPY
Let’s celebrate it with the lines which I wrote in one breath due to my excessive dose of happiness:

Come on baby

I have been waiting for you all my life

When I first took a breath

To the last minute, I will die

Come on Sweetheart

Escort me to the world unseen

A world of you and me

Where dreams are in
:D :D

Yay me :D :D

P.S. Thanks to all those who have been there with me last week....:)i could have not made it sans u all :)


Mohammad Shahanshah Ansari said...

Chalo tum khush ho to hum bhi khush hai.. :D

Party is still pending.... Get ready... :D

Dhir said...

Glad to read this post. Hamesha isi tarah kush raho. We should not let our past spoil our present.

but poem likhe ke pehle ek aur breath le lena tha :P

Anonymous said...

@ ladke dete hain janaab...ham ladkiyan to paida hi hui hain unse party lene k liye :P

even m happy that i m :D

Anonymous said...

@ dhir...what f the fear of future and hereafter daunts present???? :@

kyun...poem achi nahi saans leti to 4 para hote ...aur torture mere readers se sehen nahi hota to ?? :P :D

Nazia said...

You've been tagged with the scrap tag. Hehe. :D Check it out on my blog please.

Anonymous said...

Sorry was not able to comment that day!!

And I am verrry happy to know that you are happy.. Masha allah

And insha allah let this happiness stays forever!!

Anonymous said...

@ nazia
Assallam dear...

well honestly (have 2 b honest u tagged me wid the tag :P )i nver knew or had this in my wildest of imagination that u r one of the visitor of my useles ramblings :D :P lol

anyways sweety..thanks for the tag..

must say i have ben a lil extra honest wid ds blog (hint: d post above :P)

also i dont have time to do it this weekend..:( cho cholly..ll do it in weekdays..coz i have to press hard on my memory to get what are the ten honest things about me :@ seriously i dont know :@

!!idea!! i ll ask ma frnds...*gosh..ppl stop staring* :P

Anonymous said...

@ nuchu..

sallam dearue..

not at all a prob posts anyways stays longer than expected ...thank God it doesn fade on it might do on a paper :D :P

so u can comment anytime :)

and ya lets hope i stay happy...considering my extreme moods...thats difficult but not impossible Inshaallah :)

comfortably numb said...

n I rem those nursery days wen we wud jump n clap n sing this song/poem:)
Superbo n brillianto n magnificento :D

Anonymous said...

@ Saim..ya nursery days were the no competitive work tab thi..and then we used to be happy also..ab to mauka dhundna padyta hai ye gaane ko.... :(

anyways lets clap our hands :D

man...u r the new Words-worth :P